Pontiac 400 Engine with Ram Air 3 Heads

Pontiac 400 Engine - Running just before being pulled

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Pontiac 400/461 Stroker Cam Break-In
Pontiac 400 stroked to 461. X-Pipe Spintech Exhaust, Cam Break-In

Pontiac GTO 400 Buildup Block Prep To Engine Install
1968 GTO Engine Buildup original numbers matching parts. This is a long video starting with documentation from Pontiac Historical Services, It continues with date codes on car and engine castings. Block preparation and buildup continues through engine install. Pontiac 400's are a lot different than chevy stuff so if you working on your own or taking it to the machine shop there will be a little to learn here for everyone. These buildup tips would also apply to Pontiac 326, 389, 421, 428, and 455 configurations with just minor differences.

1972 Pontiac LeMans Sport 400
Big Block Pontiac 400, bored, balanced, ported, polished, 11.5-1 Compression, Ram Air VI Custom designed cam (only 2 in the entire world now) 3.5.3 posi rear, 3 inch mandrel bent stainless Exhaust with X pipe on stainless Flowmaster. 2800 Stall on TH400 auto 3 spd trans, listen to 485HP and lick my shorts 5.0's!!!!!

Fast Street Driving 400 Hp 1968 Pontiac GTO Movie
Goat's Going Wild By George Moss. I got in this car with my camera tried to hold it steady. Could not do it