Pontiac 400 Engine with Ram Air 3 Heads

Pontiac 400 Engine - Running just before being pulled

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Pontiac GTO 400 Engine 1967 Dyno Session Motor Test
Completely built stock type Pontiac engine by bakersfieldcrateengine.com This engine made over 400 HP and 500 TQ All stock parts except for the internals

1966 Pontiac Bonneville 421 Test Drive
When Detroit Ruled The World...

Pontiac GTO 400 Buildup Block Prep To Engine Install
1968 GTO Engine Buildup original numbers matching parts. This is a long video starting with documentation from Pontiac Historical Services, It continues with date codes on car and engine castings. Block preparation and buildup continues through engine install. Pontiac 400's are a lot different than chevy stuff so if you working on your own or taking it to the machine shop there will be a little to learn here for everyone. These buildup tips would also apply to Pontiac 326, 389, 421, 428, and 455 configurations with just minor differences.

Pontiac 400/461 Stroker Cam Break-In
Pontiac 400 stroked to 461. X-Pipe Spintech Exhaust, Cam Break-In