1981 Honda Accord New Engine

Couple quick speed tests on a stock, freshly rebuilt 1981 Honda Accord with Weber DGEV carburetor.

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1981 Honda Accord Running

1981 Accord vs 1985 Accord
1985 Accord w/ short ratio 86 Prelude gearbox, 185/70R13. 1981 Accord w/ Weber 32/36 DGEV, 165/80R13. Performed on private, closed road by professional drivers.

1978 (1st Gen) Honda Civic Acceleration Test 0-100km/hr.
1978 (1st gen) Honda Civic Acceleration Test 0 - 100km/hr.

Honda in the 80s!
Honda's line up from 1980-1989. (U.S. Only) **Honda in the 90s and 2000s videos will be up shortly!**