1981 Honda Accord New Engine

Couple quick speed tests on a stock, freshly rebuilt 1981 Honda Accord with Weber DGEV carburetor.

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1981 Accord vs 1985 Accord
1985 Accord w/ short ratio 86 Prelude gearbox, 185/70R13. 1981 Accord w/ Weber 32/36 DGEV, 165/80R13. Performed on private, closed road by professional drivers.

1981 Honda Accord Sedan Part 2 OF 4
A walk around and drive of an 81 Accord sedan. Video done for personal use, not really intended to be entertaining or informative.

1981 Honda Accord Running

1978 (1st Gen) Honda Civic Acceleration Test 0-100km/hr.
1978 (1st gen) Honda Civic Acceleration Test 0 - 100km/hr.