Legends of Drag Racing

Drag Racing in the Old Days

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Ford's Drag Team 69 Mustangs 428SCJ & 427SOHC
Ford's Drag Team of the 60's has 69 Mustangs with a 428SCJ and 427SOHC awesome vintage drag race footage.

1977 NHRA SUMMERNATS - CompetitionPlus.com
CompetitionPlus.com has uncovered another classic drag racing video gem. This time, courtesy of Diamond P Sports, we bring you coverage of the 1977 NHRA Summernationals in Englishtown, NJ. Travel back in time when the term Summernationals was one of the major and ALWAYS meant drag racing in July at the famed Raceway Park. You'll see the legends in action ranging from drag racing's first lady Shirley Muldowney to "The Snake" Don Prudhomme. You'll also see dry hopes and the high-winding Pro Stockers when small blocks and heavy flywheels were the norm. Best of all you'll hear the golden tones of Dave McClelland and Steve Evans. There just might be a cameo appearance of a teenager [55:10] in the last few minutes of the show who would go on to become an NHRA national event announcer and television entity.

Bill "Grumpy" Jenkins at the '68 NHRA Nationals
Excerpts of Jenkins taken from "NHRA National Drags" (1968) Credit goes to Bee-On Video. http://beeonvideo.homestead.com/ Video edit and enchancement by one-headlight@live.ca

In Remembrance
Some drag racing legends who are unfortunately no longer with us.