BMW F10 M5 vs Audi S4 2cnd Drag Race

2013 M5 vs 2001.5 Audi S4 with rs6 Hybrids. The Audi doesn't have a tune yet and has a slipping clutch. First time both cars had been at the track. Their best runs of the day were M5 8.36 @95 mph, S4 8.9 @83 mph. 1/8th mile.

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Audi A6 V6 3.0 TFSI vs BMW M550 Diesel

BMW F10 M5 (Meisterschaft GTC+DP+TYR Stage1) Dyno Testing
GTHAUS BMW F10 M5: Vehicle is equipped with Meisterschaft GTC Exhaust + Catless Downpipes and TYR TECH Stage 1 ECU upgrade (Cat delete). Serious Power and INSANE Sound. turbo propelling sound is pretty epic. MASSIVE amount of power, Powerful & SERIOUS Exhaust Note. Contact GTHAUS if you have any questions, thanks. TEL: 630.787.1600

2013 Audi S4 0-60 With Launch Control (HD)
2013 Audi B8.5 S4 with 19-inch rims Only mod Roc Euro Stratmosphere Intake, otherwise Stock Fastest time was 4.5

BMW E60 M5 1/4 Mile Test Pass
2006 BMW BMW M5 doing a test pass. Experimenting with factory US launch control. 60' 2.21 1/8 8.69 mph 87.87 1/4 13.13 mph 111.98