BMW F10 M5 vs Audi S4 2cnd Drag Race

2013 M5 vs 2001.5 Audi S4 with rs6 Hybrids. The Audi doesn't have a tune yet and has a slipping clutch. First time both cars had been at the track. Their best runs of the day were M5 8.36 @95 mph, S4 8.9 @83 mph. 1/8th mile.

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BMW E36 318/M3 vs Pontiac Firehawk Drag Race
1997 E36 vs 2001 Pontiac Firehawk. The Firehawk is stock but the e36 has a few little tweaks done to it. Like a M52 w/s52 cams .140mls and arp studs. Gt3582r at 18psi, full Exhaust, 275 Star Specs all around, suspension, M3 diff etc etc. Just about the only thing stock was the 318 axles which he snapped one of on his next run :/ Also this was the drivers first time at a drag strip, the car is capable of much more. It outran a Ferrari F430 while having two passengers and only 16 psi! It's kinda fast... 1/8th mile

Burger Tuning BMW M5 F10 700 HP vs tuned Ford Mustang GT500
BMW M5 tuning: AFE intake, AFE scoops, AMS DP catless, BMS tune, custom made Exhaust by Uppsala Avgasteknik. ► Subscribe here: ------------------------------­­­---------­------ ► Instagram: ------------------------------­­­---------­------ ► Like us: ------------------------------­­­---------­------

audi advanced key
audi advanced key

Audi A6 3.0 TDi vs BMW 530d
Audi A6 3.0 TDi quattro automatic - 233ps, 450nm torque, 225/55/16 winter tyres. BMW 530d automatic - 218ps, 500nm torque, 225/50/17 winter tyres. Both have turbocharged 3-litre diesel engines. Filmed in wet conditions. Audi had the advantage of quattro. BMW could run 7s to 100, but only on a sticky track and with wide summer tyres.