roof chop rat beetle bug 65 drag sprinter bug jam in au by Justin Andrews ugly bugs

Roof choped 65 beetle 1st beetle I built after moving from UK to Au. ]:)

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1953 Oval Window being cut up - 2.
Our 1953 3 fold rag top was found in a horrendous state, having been exposed to the elements for years. The floorpan consists mostly of fibreglass patches, the heater channels are non existent, the wings were hacked as was the rear H valance. It was decided that we would cut the roof off at the waistline, instead of just the sunroof clip, to transplant onto a another early roof damaged oval. Some other parts were saved: doors, W decklid, dashboard, switches etc. Watch as we take the roof off over the period of an hour. Part 3 can be found here: For more information about Vintage Vans, visit our website here: or follow latest updates on our blog here:

Roof chop beetle project
Not yet finished but getting there!

Rat Rod Chop Top VW Bug

Chopped top Bug (Beetle)
I saw this in TJ, Mexico. The paint is sick, rims are nice, but the chop job is awesome.