V8 MGB at Castle Combe September Action day 09

Fun at Castle Combe 05/09/09 Chasing down Sparshatts Evo Race car. MGB GT V8 4.6 293bhp 970kg

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MGB chasing Ariel Atom & quick lap 1m16.6
Damp Winter track day at Castle Combe. Ignition problems solved! turned out to be the crank sensor gap was too small. Hounded an Ariel Atom then a quick lap in the 1m 16s on a slightly damp track. More upgrades to come this winter possibly might make 400bhp.

4.8L 150mph MGB GT V8 with homemade DRS.
Playing with my home brewed DRS system on the V8 MGB. Awesome cornering ability takes some getting used to. Speedo still goes off the scale (140mph) helped by the reduced drag.

Classics at Castle Combe Trackday, 25th May. 2012 MGB V8, Datsun 240z V8.f4v
Having fun with some mates at Castle Combe. Datsun 240Z with 5.0L ford V8 (Steve Frances) followed by MGB Roadster with 4.6L Rover V8 (Paul Bishop) followed by my 4.8L MGB GT, followed by a 4.6L black MGB GT (Nigel Huntley)

MGB V8 home made Automatic Variable Downforce system first test.
Drag reduction system to maximise downforce in turns but reduce drag on the straights. made using springs and a linkage. It seems to work exactly as I intended. On this track ( Castle Combe it has improved lap times by about two and a half seconds.