Mazda 767B Rotary Power 26B

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Mazda 787B - Le Mans (wonderful sound) (HD)
Onboard lap with Johnny Herbert on Le Mans Circuit for the 20th anniversary of mazda 787b's victory at 24h of Le Mans. driver: Johnny Herbert circuit: Le Mans -June 2011-

Mazda charge 767B tested by tsuchiya
An OLDTIME MONSTER , the Charge Mazda 767B with 4 rotors engine (13 J ) , 630 hp @ 9000rpm with one meter high , weight 800kg ... just listen. ps: the car is driven on a tight and curvy / bumpy racetrack , not the best for a real racing car.

787B 4rotor Start and Rev video
787B Start and Rev video at Sevenstock 4, new longer higher quality version of this video is now here:

MAZDA 767B ル・マン仕様 土屋圭市 スペシャル試乗!!【Best MOTORing】2009
MAZDA 767B ル・マン仕様 土屋圭市 スペシャル試乗!!【Best MOTORing】2009 MAZDA 767B 4Rotars Le Man Racer DRIVER  土屋圭市 / Keiichi Tsuchiya   STAGE  セントラルサーキット / CENTRAL CIRCUIT チャンネル登録はこちら English subtitles contents Best MOTORing 再生リスト Hot-Version 再生リスト NEW Releases!! Hot-Version DVD digest INITIAL D STYLE 再生リスト GT-R SPECIAL 再生リスト HONDA SPECIAL 再生リスト MOTOR SPORTS 再生リスト