ICE RACING 1 Jared Mees, Scott Parker, Brian Smith, Mark Cheza etc....avi

Ice Racing with Jared Mees, Scott Parker, Brian Smith and Mark Cheza, there some of the best!

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600cc Gocart from Stockholm Ice cart
Jonas is Singel and plays allan, Gocart from Sweden, Stockholm with a 600cc engine from a honda hornett. More info at

Ice Riding with Wayne Petrie
Visit for Motorcycle Ice Riding Information.

Motorcycle Ice racing WIPEOUTS, COLORADO
A montage of the 2007 Harry's Roamers wipeouts

MC Ice Race - Skidmore Lake
Note: Updated! - Higher Quality version at PJ Jacobsen(99) wins, taking the outside line never letting off, over Jay Skidmore(12) and Bob Weiss(10b). Adam Carpinello (58B) was in the mix also.