Cobalt SS Tuned Top Speed

Coming back from Ensenada

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chevy cobalt doing 160 mph
my buddy dennis takes his cobalt to 160 mph

2009 Cobalt ss turbo
My 2009 cobalt ss turbo walkaround soon to be more videos of 0-60 and stuff like that

08 Cobalt SS vs 2011 SRT-8 Challenger
This was my first time to the drag strip in my cobalt, as I mostly do AutoX. Needless to say I was having severe traction issues off the line with the 18inch wheels but I still turned a decent time imo. The SRT-8 was brand new and its owner was a super nice guy. He said he just dropped 53 large for it. I got a ride in it later and it was impressive, considering its weight.

Cobalt SS Crash
R.I.P. Cobalt 7/23/08-11/13/10