The Ford FPV GT - Review

The New FPV Range car review.

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Will Davison FPV Road Test
V8 Supercar Driver, Will Davison shows us through his FPV GT.

Ford FPV GT V8 2008 | The Hulking FPV GT | Performance |
What it lacks in performance, the FPV GT's V8 makes up for in character. See more car reviews at: Subscribe for more: Drive Website: Like us on Facebook:

2012 FPV GT-P engine sound and 0-100km/h acceleration
2012 FPV GT-P engine sound and 0-100km/h acceleration. Head over to for the full review. 2012 FPV GT-P MkII 5.0-litre supercharged V8 with double overhead cams and 32- valves 335kW/570Nm Six-speed automatic, rear-wheel drive 0-100km/h in 5.0 seconds (as tested)

NEW FORD FPV GT 2010 2011 335 KW 570 NM TORQUE
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