Case of apparent road rage caught on camera - CTV Edmonton

A case of apparent road rage was caught on camera Tuesday February 8, 2011 in south Edmonton. The incident that occurred on the 23rd Ave. Overpass at Calgary Trail was caught on camera and shows one man shoving another motorist. A passing motorist caught the altercation on camera and sent the video to CTV News. The altercation happens when the vehicles are stopped at a green light. The man in a pickup appears to remove his licence plate off the truck before driving away.

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Edmonton Road Rage
His Fucker And his bitch in this shit ass honda

Road rage edmonton canada

Douchbag Driver - Edmonton Alberta
Buddy and I were on our way home when we came up on a couple guys in a truck deciding to ride two lanes and not let me pass. Then proceed to want to race me down the road where they almost lose control.

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