Case of apparent road rage caught on camera - CTV Edmonton

A case of apparent road rage was caught on camera Tuesday February 8, 2011 in south Edmonton. The incident that occurred on the 23rd Ave. Overpass at Calgary Trail was caught on camera and shows one man shoving another motorist. A passing motorist caught the altercation on camera and sent the video to CTV News. The altercation happens when the vehicles are stopped at a green light. The man in a pickup appears to remove his licence plate off the truck before driving away.

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Road Rage Knockout Punch in Albuquerque - ABQ RAW - ALBACRAZY
[ For licensing / usage, please contact ] Road Rage Knockout Punch in Albuquerque - ABQ RAW - ALBACRAZY News Share this video: Road Rage Videos background: On July 15, 2015 at approximately 7:30 PM my wife and I were sitting in our backyard talking when we heard what sounded like cars racing through the neighborhood at a very high rate of speed along with the sound of squealing, and screeching tires. We then heard people yelling and arguing loudly. We ran to the front yard and found neighbors Greg Allen and his son Ryan Allen (26) arguing with a man in a silver dodge truck. Quickly, I went inside my house and grabbed my video camera, ran back outside and began to video the altercation. While my wife and neighbors were on the phone with the Albuquerque Police Department (APD) 911 operators, I videoed what seemed to begin as a road rage altercation that then escalated to a knockout (KO) punch that left Ryan unconscious on the sidewalk. The KO punch was delivered by the man in the silver Dodge pick-up truck who I believed to have chased my neighbor Ryan home. The man in the silver pickup later identifies himself in the video as, Mike Tull from Pennsylvania. The 911 operator asked my wife to stay on the phone till the police arrived as well as provide descriptions of all parties involved and a play-by-play on what was happening during the altercation. Shortly, after the KO punch was delivered as the man (Mike Tull) in the silver truck drove away as Greg Allen told him, "Look just go". Just as the man in the silver truck turned the corner at the end of the block APD arrived on scene stopped him, and questioned all parties involved and a few witness. The APD officer doing the investigation asked to watch the video. As the investigating officer is watching the video at approximately 1:56 in the video as Mike Tull is seen slowly driving away; At which point the investigating officer asks me, "Why are they (Greg and Ryan) following after him?" I said, "I don't know maybe they're just wound up". As Mike drives away at 2:18 Greg and Ryan had retreated back to their yard. Then at 2:25 Mike pulls over stops his truck and and begins to gets out. That's when the APD investigating officer says, "There was no need for him (Mike Tull) to get out of his truck." The APD officer asked for me to provide a copy of the video. When I asked him what was going to happen he said, the victim of the KO Ryan Allen would be going to jail because he blew a 2.1 which is twice the legal limit. When I asked if the man in the silver truck would be getting arrested the APD officer said, "no", because the victim Ryan Allen didn't want to press any charges. I told the officer, "I can't believe that he's not going to press charges." The APD investigating officer said, "I know I can't believe it either." The APD officer asked me if I saw a gun, or Ryan driving. I said, "No, I didn't see him driving, and I didn't see any gun. Everything in the video was just about everything I saw." B/T/W In the video you'll hear Greg Allen say, "That guys a cop." Well, I am not a cop and never have been a cop. I don't know why Greg (older Man) would say that; other then he may have been scared and trying to get the the man in the silver truck (Mike Tull) to leave his home. Moving Forward: July 16th, 2015. After Ryan was released from jail. January of 2016 DWI Charges against Ryan were dropped, Commentary: I don't know all the facts and I'm not passing judgement on anyone, because obviously there were things that happened that lead up to this; However, I do believe that things should have been handled much differently. The police should have been called to handle the situation. Hopefully, everyone involved and people watching this video can learn something from this and become better human beings and treat everyone with more love, kindness, and compassion. "Two wrongs don't make a right, but they make a good excuse." - Thomas Szasz Connect with ABQ RAW: Facebook: Instagram: YouTube:

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Road Rage & Car Crashes in America (USA) Toronto Canada and Australia Compilation 2015 HD Featured in this video: Louisiana Dashcam Clueless Drivers of South Carolina Jax Dash Cams Subscribe: Like us on Facebook: