244mph run.AVI

Korry Hogan #1 Qualifying pass at Valdosta, GA, Manufacturer's Cup Finals. o-244 MPH in 5.84 seconds, 0-200 MPH in 3.8 seconds. The World's Fastest Dragbike onboard helmet camera footage from the Friday night qualifying efforts of John Alwine, Chris Alwine, Mike Dryden and Korry Hogan.

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Korry Hogan Top Fuel Record 255
Congratulations to one of the hardest working and most persistent Top Fuel teams in the world. Your new MPH record holder's at 255, Team Hogan-Dryden-Alwine!

Tommy Grimes Top Fuel Harley with go pro helmet cam
Tommy Grimes on Mike Bahnmaier's top fuel harley at piedmont dragstrip!

Top Fuel Nitro Dragbike-Korry Hogan goes 254mph in 1/4! Sets National Record!
Dragbike Live was on location at the Manufacturers Spring Cup held April 8-10 2011 at South Georgia Motorsports Park in Georgia when Top Fuel motorcycle drag racer Korry Hogan not only won the Top Fuel class but proved he is the fastest person in the world on 2 wheels in the 1/4 mile! Hogan laid down a all time best in the history of the class of 254.62 mph to back up a previous run of 255mph to earn him the tile of National Record Holder!

T.C. Christenson twin Norton engined nitro top fuel drag bike named the "Hogslayer" early 70's
Motorcycle Hall of Fame Tom Christenson twin engined Norton top fuel drag bike named the Hogslayer. With 300 plus HP this bike ruled the drag strip in the early 70's running mid-7's at 180 mph. This was the bike to beat until the supercharged single engined Japanese drag bikes started showing up at the drag strips in the mid 70's.