Airbus A380 Engine Change - Singapore Airlines

A Singapore Airlines A380 gets a replacement engine at Terminal 3 Changi Airport,Singapore. Background Music has been changed to : "Water Lily" by The 126ers -downloaded from the YouTube Audio Library.

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Why TRASH a $15 million A380 engine?
Jet engines are tested in a variety of ways. One of the most important test is the “blade off” test. Manufacturers spend significant time and resources to ensure the destruction stays inside the casing. To test the design suitability, a blade is rigged with a small explosive charge that dislodges it and throws the engine off-balance. As the imbalance forces the assembly off center, the remaining blades contact the wall, are destroyed and the engine eventually grinds to a halt due to the failure. Although the engine is ruined, the damage is contained. Uncontained failures are rare, but there can be significant repercussions if it happens. Follow us on facebook :

Airbus A380 Engine Test
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Boeing 767-300 engine startup.MOV
Starting of a Boeing 767-300 engine

GEnx -2B | Boeing 747-8 Aircraft Engine | GE Aviation
View a timelapse of the assembly and testing of the GEnx-2B which powers the Boeing 747-8. GE is committed to innovation in aircraft engines.