Airbus A380 Engine Change - Singapore Airlines

A Singapore Airlines A380 gets a replacement engine at Terminal 3 Changi Airport,Singapore. Background Music has been changed to : "Water Lily" by The 126ers -downloaded from the YouTube Audio Library.

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A380 refueling test at FRA
The FRA airport check was conducted on the 29th October 2005. The aircraft used was MSN4, a development aircraft in the flight test programme which is not equipped with a cabin. Full equipment positioning, several ramp scenarios tested. - Lufthansa Airbus A380 Departure and Take Off [English Subtitles]
Lufthansa A380 departure and take off from Frankfurt enroute to San Francisco. PLEASE NOTE: This is not my video and is owned by Copyright content is allowed by the owner. Please visit to purchase full video. Thank you.

GEnx -2B | Boeing 747-8 Aircraft Engine | GE Aviation
View a timelapse of the assembly and testing of the GEnx-2B which powers the Boeing 747-8. GE is committed to innovation in aircraft engines.

Airbus A380 Contrail as seen from KLM Cockpit Boeing B747-400
A huge contrail from an Airbus A380 as seen from cockpit of a Boeing B747 above the South China Sea. We were warned by a HongKong air traffic controller. That's why we were able to film this event. Apologies for shaky camera movements at the end. The Airbus was going too fast to be able to follow it smoothly.