R56 MINI Cooper S - How to read trouble code from trip computer

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MINI Cooper Experts Accessing Hiden DATA
This is a little trick that even some BMW/MINI techniciansdon't know. Subscibe and learn more tricks as they come.

Mini Cooper R56 hidden engine codes, diagnostics, tools
Here's how to unlock the computer in your Mini Cooper in order to check for engine codes and a bunch of other things. I'll list the things I know (or I think I know) and wherever I'm wrong or unsure you can give your input. Sitting in the driver seat with the door closed and engine off, hold the trip meter reset button. While still holding this button, press the key fob into the slot where it goes. You should see VIN appear in the lower display. Let go of the trip meter button, and two letters followed by five numbers should appear. Add the number digits together (in the video, I add 7+7+7+5+3=29) Remember this total. Hold down the trip reset button again for about 3 seconds. When you release it, the 01.00 number in the square display should change to 01.__. Let go of the button, and then press and release it until the number goes up to 19.__. When it is on 19.__, hold the button for 3 seconds then release. The lower display should now read LOCK: ON CODE: 01. Press and release the button until the code number is your total from above. (in my case 29) Hold the button for 3 seconds, and the bottom display should clear, and the top display should go back to 19.__. Now you are ready to cycle through the numbers in the top display, from 01.__ to 21.__. At each number you will hold the button for three seconds then release to enter that section of the computer.

Mini Cooper R56 Errors and ECU
Showing our current problems with an R56. Looking to recode ecu, transmission, and replace sensors. Trying to run INPA, NCSexpert but the configuration doesnt seems to be working for me.

How To Reset Your Check Engine Light with no special tools
You may want this tool if your terminals need cleaning → http://amzn.to/2wpB35s If an auto repair store isn't near by and you've done your car repair you can reset your check engine light with this simple trick! No special tools required. If you are repairing your car to pass emissions then you'll need to drive your car around for about 50 miles so the car's computer can give an accurate reading, otherwise, you'll be wasting your time and they'll tell you to come back after driving it around for an hour.