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R56 MINI Cooper S - How to read trouble code from trip computer


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Reset da luz de serviço do Mini Cooper
Procedimento para reiniciar manualmente o serviço do Mini Cooper

Mini steering wheel lock up problem
Going to share this with my 'local' Mini Cooper dealer. I have a recurring problem with the steering wheel staying locked when I start the car. Happens about once a month, and the dealer says they find nothing wrong with it. The onboard computer doesn't show any errors. So they will do nothing. I have found fleeting references online to the problem. This particular morning when I was late and trying to get to work, the steering took seven starts to get going. Frustrating to say the least. Mini Cooper, 2007, about 30,000 miles. I am so glad I got the extended warranty on this thing. Short list of repairs since I got it: weatherstripping on back window came off within first month, sunroof mechanism replaced due to lock up (and it still has problems), a computer system update due to frequent check-engine lights, peeling dealer-installed window tint, run flat tires that like to be flat so I replaced them all with another kind....Also, there has been a catalytic converter recall that I may get done--but I am weary of them even working on anything unless absolutely necessary. Performance-wise this car is amazing, handles wonderfully. But when buying my next car (no plans at ll) I will go back to the Japanese makers--reliability is more important to me. UPDATE: they replaced the ERS (I assume 'electronic steering system' and so far have no had a problem... FINAL UPDATE: traded in the Mini for a CR-Z a while ago. 2 years now of NO PROBLEMS AT ALL. It's very nice. The MINI never went 3 months without SOMETHING being a problem.

R56 MINI Cooper S - How to reset service period alarm

Mini Cooper Reset Service, Brake Pad Reset, Spark plug Reset, Oil Service Reset R60
Desription of service indicator and demonstrates how to reset your service indicator. Brake Pad Reset. Oil Service Reset. Spark Plug Reset. Vehicle Check Reset. State inspection Date Reset. Brake Fluid Indicator.

Mini Service and Brake Light
My mini seems to keep the brake light on for some reason, even after I release the handbrake, and the foot brake. If anyone has a solution to this, please comment. This video will remain up for educational use.

How to Reset Tire Light MINI Cooper #miniofconcord
Part 1 of "How To" series. Learn how to reset the tire pressure light on your MINI Cooper. Hardtop models 07 or later, Clubman 08 or later, Countryman, Convertible 09 or later.

MINI COOPER R56 AUTO WITH FACTORY JCW TUNING KIT estimated 192-200HP VS STOCK BMW E64 630i with sprint Booster.

2007 Mini Cooper S R56 Cold Start problem(stumble) 1
2007 Mini Cooper S R56 Cold start problem (stumble, sputter) 55K miles Dealer (Irvine Mini) claimed it to be caused by excess carbon build up around the valves, NOT HPFP failure. However it still does the same even after carbon clean ups. Can anybody help?

Elm327 bluetooth Android Torque MINI Cooper S R56 2.mp4
More detail: http://www.elm327-bluetooth.com/ Elm327 bluetooth Android Torque MINI Cooper S R56 2

Mini Cooper R56 Carbon Removal
Some Mini Cooper models are prone to carbon build-up on the intake valves and in the intake ports of the cylinder head. This build-up will cause a noticeable loss of power, drastically reduced fuel economy and misfires resulting in engine fault codes. Sport Motoring, a Mini Cooper and BMW Independent specialist in Decatur Georgia, offers a service to remove the carbon build-up and restore the vehicles performance. The process requires the removal of the intake and other components and a specialized factory tool to remove the carbon with a walnut shell media blasting process. This video shows the before/after of this condition. http://www.SportMotoring.net http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sport-Motoring/157791810915836

Mini + Countryman R60 reset service light How to DIY: BMTroubleU
Resetting the CBS (condition based service) warning light on a new Mini and Mini coutryman PLEASE NOTE I NO LONGER DO REQUESTS AS I DONT WORK FOR BMW ANY MORE BUT IM STILL HAPPY TO ANSWER QUESTIONS

Mini Cooper S r56 dyno 208whp (petran mcs - Overload)
Dyno mini r56 specs: dp decat, M7 filter, hand made i/c, ecu remap.!

Mini Cooper S 05 timing chain tensioner easy fix

2004 Mini Cooper problems
Our 2004 Mini Cooper S has a bad alternator after 33.428 miles. I forgot to mention in the video that the power steering pump also failed, it's electric on this car not belt driven. This may be due to low voltage, but I'm not sure.

BMW E70 E71 reset service light How to DIY: BMTroubleU
How to reset service lights through the dash on a bmw x5 or x6 (e70/e71). PLEASE NOTE I NO LONGER DO REQUESTS AS I DONT WORK FOR BMW ANY MORE BUT IM STILL HAPPY TO ANSWER QUESTIONS

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