2006 Silverado 4.3 with Flowmaster 40 Series. Before and After (HD)

Just got a Flowmaster 40 put on my 06' Silverado with the 4.3 V6. Its a single in-dual out Y-piped out to the back with 3.5" chrome tips. It was the EXACT sound I was looking for, and I would recommend it to anyone wanting to make their V6 sound like a V8. As usual, I swear the video doesn't do it justice.. it sounds a lot deeper in person. I promise.

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99 Silverado 4.3L Flowmaster Super 44 Series
My 99 Silverado with a 4.3L V6. Flowmaster Super 44 Series. 3 1/2 inch stainless steel tips at a 45° angle. Single inlet dual outlet.

Making your V6 truck sound the best
A comparison of my old *Flowmaster Single chamber race series mufflers* and my current *Flowmaster OUTLAW mufflers*. The video doesn't do complete justice for either, around 3 1/2-4 RPM and above the Race series got very raspy and high (sounding more like a V6). The OUTLAWS keep their tone very well at even 4-5 RPM and have an awesome sound. The race series rumbled much different at idle and 2-3 RPM has a smooth tone, but after that sounded a little to raspy and got high pitched. The OUTLAWS all around sound fantastic and probably the most close your going to get to a V8.

Chevy 4.3L v6 flowmaster 40 series
My 1994 chevy 4.3L v6 Exhaust, flowmaster 40 series delta flow, a lot better in person!!!!!!

4.3L Vortec V6 with Flowmaster Outlaw - Startup, Flyby, General Accel, Rev.
I've got a 1999 GMC Sierra StepSide with the 4.3L Vortec V6 and have been searching for the right way to make it sound like a V8. Despite the fact that it is missing 2 cylinders, the Dumped Flowmaster OUTLAW race muffler really is as close as anyone is going to get. the Exhaust and intake system is totally stock except for this muffler. It sounds nasty like a V8 especially at idle and at 70 mph on the freeway 4th gear hammer down 2k rpm sounds sick. Will be getting video of that soon when i get my new camera. Here are some 'flyby' shots, really just driving in my neighbor hood but i will be getting a new full HD camera shortly and there will be better vids so this is only part one, please subscribe for part 2 and thanks for watching!