SG-38 glider at Ekeby, Eskilstuna, Sweden

Me enjoying my third high altitude flight with the vintage SG-38 glider at Eskilstuna soaring club during the youth-camp of 2009. A modified old car towed the plane with a 600 m long rope to an altitude of about 200 m. After that; pure flying, as real as it gets. My best flying experience by far!

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Schneider Schulgleiter SG 38 Glider
Copyright © 2011 Malcolm Auld This video and audio material may not be used in any form without written permission. The Zögling was a simple lightweight glider for basic flight instruction. It was designed to start with rubber ropes, a common way to start a glider in the years shortly after WWI. It was designed by Alexander Lippisch who became famous for his design of the Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet, a rocket powered/gliding flying wing. As the National Socialist Party came to power in the 1930s, the glider school and talented young fliers drew the attention of the Nazis who saw an opportunity to utilize the planes, pilots and launching facilities at Wasserkuppe. In 1933 the old Rhön-Rositten Club (a branch of the Hesse Flying Club) was dissolved and the it's officers dismissed. The organization re-emerged as the "German Air Sport Union" headed by Dr. Oscar Ursinus as part of the Nazi system. All gliding activities, including research and development, became controlled by the state. As Germany made further preparations for an inevitable war, Wasserkuppe became an official training camp for the Nazi Youth Flight Corps. Exploiting a loop hole in the Treaty of Versailles, Hitler did everything possible to encourage glider flying. Funding for the program was subsidized through the efforts of brown-shirted storm troopers who "urged" German citizens to donate to "sport flying". It would be an easy matter to transform the skilled, young glider aviators into fighter and bomber pilots. Many of the technical school pilots had built their own planes. They represented a body of trained men who would be able to take leadership roles in airplane factories in time of conflict.

How not to fly a glider
So many mistakes in this flight I am ashamed of myself.

SG-38 aerotow
SG-38 vintage glider from 1942. The glider is towed by Piper PA18 @ the airfield Spitzerberg in lower Austria. This is the first SG38 flight of the 15 year old pilot. Congrats.

Flintstone Glider
Boeing Company merges with Fred Flinstone to create interesting ultralight glider.