Dick blows up Shelby Charger

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Shelby Charger First start after 20 years
My '86 Shelby Charger springing to life after sitting and not ran for 20 years. Had some unexpected vacuum leaks which caused the unnecessary high idle, oops!

Shelby Charger Holset 12.1 119.8

1987 Shelby charger v-8 conversion 2
This is mine 1987 dodge Shelby charger v8 conversion, 360 cubic inch 727 automatic

Worlds Fastest Turbo Dodge Shelby Charger 8v 4cyl Omni
On September 30,2012 at Interlake Dragway in Gimli, Rob McLellan ran a 10.04 at 143.28 miles per hour in his Dodge Shelby Charger making it Fastest 8-valve 5 speed 4 cyl turbo Dodge on the planet. This car is still running the none common block 2.2 with stock ported Exhaust manifold and no NOS. Stock 568 trans. with quaife and stock axles.