Spark ignition model engine (vintage,not nitro, glow, rc or diesel)

MORE MODEL ENGINES : 1940's 7.5 cc STAB engine (France) almost new, needs run in. For the amateurs of : Vintage Engine motor V8 V12 twin 4 stroke 2 cycle Moteur modele reduit model diesel outboard toy nitro fuel gas petrol castor oil ether cc run glow plug hand made compression ignition spark tether car onboard inboard starter start fema temps silnik hit & miss wankel rotary supercharged turbine jet plane rc r/c boat tractor steam engine brushless powered modellmotor marine water cooled pulsejet lego miniature mini micro small hotrod twin ohv dohc ohc petrol ether castor oil heli helicopter seaplane truck buggy airplane Aircraft avion aereo nave bike motorcycle free flight u control boat Speedboat homemade vintage smallest world antique old hand made

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Starting and running the PAW 60 RC TBR model diesel engine
This video shows just how easy it is to start and run the big PAW 60 RC TBR. No batteries, no starters, no electrics and, most important, NO PROBLEMS!

Starting and Running The Original Gotham DEEZIL Model Diesel Engine
Follow us on: This old model airplane diesel engine defies all odds and actually runs under her own power. For more information on my old engines, visit this web page at: To find out how you can obtain your very own example of one of our expertly rebuilt, fantastic running and tested DEEZIL engine visit our webpage at:!

How to change model airplane engine bearings (part 1 of 2)
The bearings in most model engines wear out eventually but fortunately changing them is a pretty simple task, requiring no special tools. This video shows you how to change your own bearings and is one of the informational series of videos coming from If you'd like an advertisement included in this video, please contact me.

Micro rc twin cylinder diesel engine 0.4cc