Gearhead vs Slim @ Street Car Chaos - 10/11/09

Gearhead N/A SBC Camaro vs Slim N/A SBC Camaro at Street Car Chaos 2009

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Street Car Chaos 2
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Go Dj Grant Productions Grudge Race Between Tudy & Derrick
It's going down Sept 13t 2009 at the Montgomery Motor Sports Park in Montgomery, Alabama. Grudge Fest.... Call Somebody out!

Street Car Chaos Preview!
Chicago's Street Car Chaos

Gainesville Raceway 1967 Camaro SB2.2 wheels up 9 second ride
Footage from a test and tune night at Gainesville Raceway in Florida with the Rollins Automotive shop '67 Camaro. Sporting a N/A 434 cube SB2.2 headed SBC (yes Nitrous is on there but wasn't used on these runs), enjoy some high winding 9 second runs!