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promotional video of the Flyboard by Zapata Racing!! For more infos, prices and delivery time please visit our website Zapata Racing is proud to introduce you the video of the first Flyboard® world cup WARNING be aware consumers and future distributors many unauthorized people are creating websites and other means to attract and lure potential Flyboard customers into making them believe they can sell Flyboards already. The majority of these people have no contract not written agreements to date and therefore have no rights to engage in such illegal promotion. The list of authorized distributors will be shortly communicated on our official website before mid-febuary. In the meantime, we strongly urge you not to send any type of deposits not to commit to purchase a Flyboard with anyone other than the upcoming authorized distributors on our website Franky ZAPATA

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new Flyboard Family 2 summer 2013 with all friends by Robin Rouil For more information : or or Music: "Seven nation army" the Glitch mob remix "sound: "Seven nation army" the Glitch mob remix"

Flyboard Family Official
New official movie "Flyboard Family" by Zapata Racing and Friends more informations please contact Zapata Racing is proud to introduce you the video of the first flyboard® world cup Click on this link

For more information regarding our products, where to buy and where to try, check out our website: Directing and editing : Rouil Robin Filming: senahofilm .com%2FSenahoProduction Music by Joachim Garraud If you are interested in renting, event or buying Flyboard® and Hoverboard by ZR®, check out: For California: Aquatic Aviation For Arizona: Rius Racing For East Coast: East Coast Flyboards Thanks to all those who participated to this video: Paul Bulka from Aquatic Aviation, Nicolas Rius from Rius Racing, Enric Etievent from East Coast Flyboards, Robin Rouil, Adrien Ohanessian, Joachim Garraud, and Christian from ZR. A huge thanks to Tony Hawk and Tony Hawk Inc. team for making this possible.

Flyboard® World Cup Qatar
1st event of Flyboard® freestyle world cup in Qatar october 2012 World cup 2013 will be in 5 rounds!!! Contact us if you want to have one in your country