Gran Turismo 5: Lexus IS F Racing Concept '08 on Nürburgring Nordschleif (Cockpit View)

Gran Turismo 5: A-spec (Cockpit View) Event: DTM German Touring Car Championship Car: Lexus IS F Racing Concept '08 (Fully Tuned Up) Location: Nürburgring Nordschleif Comments: I only bought the Lexus IS F Racing Concept '08 (Premium) on dealership, tuned it up to max. power and started racing!! I know, it was not too fair for the other racers, but I liked the replay (I love Nürburgring Track). Ok, I did some mistakes on the last sector XD, but I never said it was the perfect run!! PS: Sorry for the video quality, this is the best that my recorder can get. See Also My Gran Turismo 5: A-spec - DTM German Touring Car Championship Replay!!

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Устроили интересный тест и интересную гонку :) --------------------------------------------------------------- Группа ВК: Паблик Булкина ВК: Канал Булкина: Канал Ильи Slate: Яндекс кошелёк: 410011316693717

Gran Turismo 5: Sebastien Loeb Challenge - Chamonix Main Gold
Gran Turismo 5: Special Events Event: Sebastien Loeb Challenge Location: Chamonix Main Result : 4:14.878 (Gold) (Goal 4:16.500) Comments: In order to accomplish this event you must practice a lot since there is no way to tune up your car or change some settings. I can say that this challenge it's not that difficult once you understand how to control the car on snow. Try entering turns in low velocity and on straights max. acceleration. Race the track trying to get every corner right and I'm pretty sure you will win, no rush on turning. PS: Sorry for the video quality, this is the best that my recorder can get. See Also My Toscana Gold Replay!!

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I must get asked this five times a day. Here's my best answer and remember, this is only MY OPINION. FaceBook Twitter!/thegardensnake

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The '97 MR2 is a beast with Nitrous on this game, can't wait to gut it and throw a dogbox in! Also hope that one requester for a video of this car sees this too lol..Oh yea, test that theory and tell me what you think of it! Disclaimer:Information In This Video Is Used For Entertainment Only. Like Us On Facebook - Follow Us On Twitter - & Subscribe To Both Channels HIBoostRacingClubTV HIBoostRaceClubRAWHD