Suburban in BIG snow

our Suburban driving up our very snowy driveway. I know that it's technically a GMC, but it's more commonly known as a "Suburban." And yes, there was a TON of snow! Huge storm hit. Wild crazy winds, which made tons of drifts! (mostly in the night)

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Suburban in deep snow
A suburban traversing our driveway in deep snow. Four wheel drive engaged, no chains or studs, just good siped all season tires. Yes it's poor quality. no I didn't think the world cares about this video. But those I intend to send the link to might :-)

Big Black Suburban @ the Mud Pit
black surburban rolls thru mud pit

Biggest street legal Ford 350 in Europe 54 inch tires in snow action - Iceland
biggest ford 350 in Europe icelandic snow action... Be cool, visit iceland! Now that we have reached 3 million views we will pick a winner for a winter tour. Winner will be announced here and sent a message. See what we are doing on facebook (new page)

Chevy Suburban in Snow
our chevy suburban playing around in colorado snow