ft wainwright drag racing 5 dodge caliber srt4 vs wrx

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2013 Ford Focus ST vs Dodge Caliber SRT4 Race 1 of 2
Ford Focus ST: bone stock 300 miles Dodge Caliber SRT4: Intake, Exhaust, tune 40 roll Race 1 of 2

02 wrx vs srt4 caliber
2002 wrx bone stock vs srt4 unknown mods.

SRT4 Caliber VS SRT8 Jeep
AWD vs. FWD of course caliber looses but good run.

SRT-4 Caliber Owns the Dragstrip
Took the 2008 Dodge Caliber SRT-4 out to the track it some friends, this is what happened. 1.) First race, the guy did lose control but he did regain it I was told. 2.) BOOOOOOOOST!