2.3 Turbo Mustang

Mark Gummo 2.3 4cyl turbo Mustang @ Beaver Springs Dragway 11/1/09

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can't remember the guys name but this Mustang impressed the hell out of me . it was a 4 cyl with an automatic and a turbo . it went a 10.22 best that i know of !

FAST 2.3L TURBO Mustang Open Down Pipe Greddy Types S
Get your 2.3T shirts and stickers at: http://www.scgearheads.com/store/ Subscribe and Check out the ads on the right. First couple of drives with the new motor swap. Wastegate wasn't opening up so was short shifting.

Matt Culpepper 2.3 turbo Mustang 5spd

4cyl turbo Mustang 10.36@129
88 Mustang LX Coupe Original Stinger Performance Project Bolt On. New Setup complete and testing in progress! 2.3 turbo, stock block, stock crank, factory iron head Stage 3 porting from Boport Racing Crower rods, CP pistons Stinger header ported by Boport, holset HX40, NPR Intercooler Factory upper lower intakes worked by Boport Transmission Doug Nash 4+1, McCleod Soft Lok 11" clutch 8.8" 31 spline axles, 3.73 gears, new 28x10.50 ET Drags Boost was at 26psi and it was a hot day. 60' -1.459 330 -4.226 1/8 -6.578 1/8mph -104.64 1000' -8.629 1/4 -10.366 1/4mph -129.48 Thanks for watching and there's a whole lot more left in this car. Subscribe and stayed tuned!