Saab SPG with 318,000 miles+ in parking garage...30,000k HID horrible

Whatever you do, do not buy 30,000k hid headlights. They are horrible. - Blinding gamma ray lights.... Car is cool though

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The History of the SAAB - Saab Automobile AB [Full Documentary]
# The History of the SAAB - Saab Automobile AB [Full Documentary]

SAAB 900 1994
The all new Saab 900 1994

1988 saab spg/ aero by paul Campagna
My saab right before Carlisle 2016. Lucky enough to get first place at the show the day after this was taken.

Ep.2 Saab 900 transmission explained
Explore how the Saab 900 transmission is unusual and see the condition of the oil pan after 160,000 miles. Follow along for conversion of 1989 Saab turbo from automatic to 5-speed transmission. In this episode, the manual transmission is separated from the engine. Look for my other videos on the basics of the Saab 900 turbo system , and how your timing chain controls the intake and Exhaust valves. I'm a DIY mechanic learning as I go and sharing what I find interesting about the unique engineering and design of the Saab 900 classic. -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Please watch: "Ep. 7 - Saab 900 Head gasket repair" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-