Saab SPG with 318,000 miles+ in parking garage...30,000k HID horrible

Whatever you do, do not buy 30,000k hid headlights. They are horrible. - Blinding gamma ray lights.... Car is cool though

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saab spg gt3071r
custom saab spg built by pearce european in santa cruz,ca. garrett gt3071r turbo

30000k Hid Headlights
Rollin wit 30000k hid Headlights bulbs and Future Vision Ballasts. A lot of dumb asses keep commenting the same thing. I've had 8000k since before I even posted this video. PLEASE STFU. I just threw these in to see how they looked and got a video. Bitch on....

8000K vs 12000K
This is a side by side comparison of an 8000K and a 12000K digital Xetronic HID kit, On the left is the 8000K in a 07' mazda 6 and the right is the 12000K in a 2004 saab 93.

SAAB Edwardian Gray SPG Turbo on Dyno
Recorded August 20, 2011, at the SAAB Owners Convention in Parsippany, NJ