Chevy Caprice on 22's

Video of my car being downloaded from the trailer in Florida

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1989 Blue Box Chevy Bagged on 24's
Just a walk around video of my Chevy bagged on 24's in the front yard. Make sure you take notice of the clouds reflecting off the paint.

Bagged Caprice - Walk Around
Explaining everything on the Caprice CARDOMAIN PAGE:

WhipAddict: Sirius Performance Shop; Supercharged Chevrolet Caprice Gold Amani Forged Vornado 26s
Stopped by Sirius Performance in Hialeah, FL to see the "Mad Scientist" Alex and the shop. He has plenty of work as you willl see, donks, old schools, trucks, street cars, race cars, whatever motor work you need on whatever kind of motor. He was cool enough to pull out @heavyhitter_chop monster Kandy Box Chevy with the Supercharger out the hood! Sitting on gold Varonado 26s by Amani Forged. Full tan custom interior and matching steering wheel. Sounds so great! @OTF_Collision_Inc on the build! Nasty! Beat by Dos @1Dos_

1985 Chevrolet Caprice Classic On 22's Slideshow
PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING. This '85 Chevy Caprice used to be for sale at the dealership, I used to drive it around a bunch, it was a lot of fun lol! 22" rims, dual chrome Exhausts, and two tone grey/silver paint. It was a nicely fixed up car, just was missing the system haha. Please rate and comment! If you are just going to leave negative comments then just don't bother, why waste the effort???