2012 Ford Focus Titanium Video Review

http://drivencarreviews.com/ Compacts cars are all about saving gasoline and keeping costs down. What if you could get good fuel economy, European driving dynamics and luxury features? Now it's possible. The 2012 Ford Focus doesn't follow the same old cheap and cheerful routine. Tom Voelk previews the high-end Titanium model.

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My 2012 Ford Focus Titanium
Ran out of time at the end! Better videos to come! This is my brief walkaround tour of my brand new 2012 Ford Focus Titanium...didn't go in-depth with too many things because there just isn't time to cram it into one video so expect many more to come with full details of all the features!

Is the Fancy Ford Focus Titanium Built to Last?
Are you shopping for a small car and want to test drive a bunch of them without ever stepping foot in a dealership? Welp, we got you covered. Go to http://voteoncars.com to find the most small car reviews, from the most perspectives than anyone on the web. AND, feel free to SUBSCRIBE here. We'll drop a couple of new videos each week — and you won't want to miss any of them. :) A NOTE ON THIS VIDEO: Andrew is what we call a Keeper — someone who buys a car, takes care of it and keeps it for a long time. So, he'll keep that, as well as Focus' hauling and commuting superpowers.

2012 Ford Focus Titanium
Finally, we get the Focus everyone else loves.

2012 Ford Focus Titanium Hatchback Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour
In this video I give a full in depth tour of the all new 2012 Ford Focus Titanium Hatchback. I take viewers on a close look through the interior and exterior of this car while showing details, over viewing of features, and noting unique styling cues to the vehicle itself. I also show the engine and the details of it, start it up and see how it sounds under acceleration. A thorough tour/review of this car designed to give others a greater overall appreciation of the vehicle.