New Split Cycle Engine Concept: The Doyle Rotary Engine

The DRE is a rotary split cycle engine concept designed to replace current automotive engines. It is smaller and lighter per unit of displacement and has many efficiency gains over conventional engines and other engine concepts. I made this video using Solidworks, Photoshop, After Effects, Audacity and Handbrake. I would like to thank Jim Hummel for the voice over work. We look forward to answering questions and comments. Feel free to post video replies and repost the video wherever you want. Check out our website:

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A simplified cutaway of the Doyle Rotary Engine demonstrating the Doyle Cycle. To simplify this animation, all seals and bearings have been omitted. Also missing are the spark plug and fuel injector (both are normally located in the combustion chamber). The Doyle Rotary is a split-cycle engine that has two rows of inwardly facing pistons. One bank of cylinders is for intake and compression while the other bank is for power and Exhaust. A central combustion chamber links the two rows together. Visit for more information. To ask questions or read through the technical discussion about the motor go to

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