Hondata Javier's civic K22 1000+whp

tune by Daniel at Church Automotive 1003whp695tq 37psi VP Import racegas The Final numbers that i didnt recorded were 1125whp726tq 45psi VP Import racegas

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Hondata Coil Pack Retrofit System Install A guide to installing Hondata's Coil Pack Retrofit (CPR) System. Help Files:

2007 civic si Turbo Full-Race Testing Hondata Traction Control at Church Automotive Testing
Everything to know about the Hondata Traction Control Hondata Traction Control is Available and Price $795 Go to for More information Testing the Hondata Traction Control and Tuning the Settings (setting 1 minimum spin to setting 5 max spin 2step was set at 4100rpms 12.5psi 1st to 6th gear 468whp328tq 12.5psi 91pumpgas Tune by Daniel at Church Automotive Hondata Traction Control Street Tires Stock Motor Stock Tranny with Quaife L.S.D Full-Race GT35r kit Full-Race 3" Exhaust Hondata Flashpro Hondata Boost Control Solenoid IPS-KT1 cams DeatschWerks 1300cc Injectors Walbro 255 Fuel Pump Nst pulley's Boomba Motor Mounts Competition Clutch Stage 4 and Flywheel 8lbs Custom 4inch cold air intake

k20 honda civic vs toyota supra
K20a civic

Tuned Hondata Map For a B16A2 +10hp Gain
Ive created this map after Dynoing the car for 2 days. Weve done tons of pulls and found this final map to be the best one. We used a AEM Wideband sensor to get the A/F mixture right(around 12.8-13). The pulls consisted of going along every 500rpm from about 20 percent load to 100 starting from 3,000 rpm till 8,000 rpm. The only thing that stopped us from making more power were the original fuel injectors which with more timing advance werent able to keep up with the fuel demand. This map was made to be safe and to be used on a stock B16A2 with a muffler and an intake. I hold no responsibility for anyone who creates the same map as mine, and something goes wrong. We use this map for our civic rally car and its been working like a charm with no problems what so ever. I post this video up for those who have a Hondata and would like a great map with a true start for a power increase. Thanks to all my viewers and please subscibe! I will post more videos with maps in the future and stay tuned for my S2000 AP1 Hondata Map. Once again, sorry for the video quality, I didnt reolize that when i took the camera away that it could capture better quality lol Enjoy, -Danny