Davey's Wedding Ride, Mk1 Mexico Escort

Davey needed to get to the church for his wedding, he had no idea his chariot for the day would be his dream car, a Mk 1 mexico, full racing spec! (3.5 litre touring car engine) Beautiful!

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How NOT to open a Mk1 Mexico Door!
Stunning Mk1 Mex hits a concrete block on a special stage at Delamere Forest and comes to a very sudden stop! emergency crews force back the door, chop the cage with the 'jaws of life' and remove the injured passenger.

29-year Love Affair - Escort Mexico mk1
Michael Johanson ja hänen 1973 Ford Escort Mexico ovat kulkeneet samoja teitä jo 29 vuotta. Niinkuin kaikki suhteet, tämäkin tarvitsee vaivannäköä kukoistaakseen. Musiikki: Sunday Drive - Silent Partner

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