11.05 @ 125 mph 2006 Monte Carlo SS 5.3v8 Cartuning 76 mm Turbo Kit

11.05 @ 125.22 MPH 1/4 mile 1.73 60 foot 101mph 1/8 mile 116 mph 1000 foot. 2006 Monte Carlo SS 5.3 v8 with Cartuning turbo kit. 76MM turbonetics turbo, BEI built 5.3, TEP built transmission

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Challenger Hellcat vs 2006 Monte Carlo SS 5.3 v8 LS4 with Cartuning Turbo Kit
2006 Monte Carlo SS - 76mm Cartuning turbo Kit, Cartuning 4T65EHD Trans, Street Tires 2015 Challenger Hellcat - MT Drag Radials

2007 monte carlo ss top out run
R.I.P MCSS. the redheaded stepchild of the lsx world takes a long time to do 0-140 but it did it! Lol

Cartuning LS4 5.3
Cartuning LS4 5.3v8 upgraded turbo Kit - 3" down pipe and Cartuning custom rear manifold/header. 76mm turbonetics ball bearing turbo, LS6 intake manifold and Speed Inc. fuel rails.

2006 Monte Carlo SS with Spintech mufflers