1987 volvo having fun in the snow

why i love snow sow much

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Rope Snow Chains - Emergency Hack
If your car is skidding or gets stuck in snow here is a great way to fix this. Tie some pieces of rope around your tires and rims of your traction wheels. Now you have your rope snow chains done. Use this method only in emergency !

Frozen Brakes on the Volvo 850 T5
One night of -5 Celsius and the car freezes together. Its freakin Swedish build ;-)

Sleeper Volvo Wagon MKII - The BrAPAP-enning

My Volvo S90 Tackling Lots of Snow
The snow on the driveway was pretty wet and thick + there was ice below which only makes matters worse when you drive a RWD car on all-season tires.