Pontiac Trans Am Engine Swap Part 9 - 357 V8 - Alternator Power Steering Water Pump

We're getting closer now, only a few more things before she'll run. We managed to install the water pump, alternator, power steering pump, heater hoses, and radiator hoses. Now, we basically have to put in the HEI distributor, plugs, and some fuel lines...then we'll be ready to fire it up. There will probably be a couple more vids before we actually start it for the first time. Thanks for watching along, we appreciate it!

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Almost Done - Pontiac Trans Am Engine Swap Part 10 357 V8 Street Demon Carb
This is Part 10 of our 1987 Pontiac Trans Am engine swap series. We've been swapping in a carbed 357 small block in place of the original 305 TPI. Since the last video, we installed the distributor, plugs, and wires. We also plumbed in the temporary fuel setup with a Mallory 4309 Regulator. Then, I painted the factory valve covers and tightened up the belts. We only have a few more things to get done before we can fire this engine up for the first time. I hope you find the videos interesting...thanks for watching!

920 horsepower Firebird Acceleration
Facebook - http://tinyurl.com/6385qw2 Blog - http://dtrockstar1.blogspot.co​m/ DT records a 1988 Pontiac Firebird with 920 horsepower and 910 ft-lbs of torque at Cars & Coffee. Here are the specs: '88 Pontiac Formula Firebird 400 cid SBC with a single 76mm turbo 920 hp and 910 ft-lbs at 18 psi Boost (engine Dyno) T56 trans with Strange Engineering 12 bolt rear axle Formula 43 RAD14 18" 3 piece wheels (made in Livonia Michigan) Bilstein shocks/struts; Hotchkis & BMR suspension bits

Long story short, I suspected this fuel pump was making a knocking sound on a freshly built 327cid. So I put the fuel pump on this rebuilt 350 that was known to have no engine noises. It made the same noise as when on the 327 cid. This is for all you out there that can't pinpoint the source of a rod or valvetrain knock. It would tick at 800rpm and knock at 3500rpm. I did not RPM it to 3500 so you can't hear the knock, but idling you can hear the tick. The knock sounded like a rod was going to come out of the block ! Sounded exactly like the knock was coming from the oil pan, but I had a mechanics stethoscope to verify it was the pump before doing this little test swap. Pump was was made in CHINA!

Pontiac Revolver
March Performance brings you High Style, Low Cost excitement just for the Pontiac V-8. This one piece alternator and air conditioning bracket provides a rigid support for the alternator and A/C compressor; a separate bracket allows the option of power steering or no power steering. Three separate idlers guarantee the ultimate in belt to pulley contact area for sure "no slip" operation. A neat alternator and power steering only kit for those who don't require A/C is available. Like all our Style Track and Revolver kits it makes use of a unique easy to use belt tension adjustment tool. Once the belt tension has been set, the adjustment tool is easily removed and stowed away until the next time the belt requires adjustment. As a result, this kit displays a much cleaner appearance. Comes complete with alternator, an alternator pulley with fan and nose cover, a A/C compressor and nose cover, a water pump with pulley and nose cover,a crank pulley and the alternator/A/C bracket, complete with the belt tensioning tool. Kits with power steering include a type2 remote power steering pump and the power steering pump pulley with nose cover. These kits also include all the mounting hardware you'll need and detailed instructions so installation is a snap. You can also forget about polishing this assembly, as it features maintenance-free clear or black powder coating in Clear, Black to Black Onyx. http://marchperformance.com/pontiac/pontiac-326-455/all-inclusive-kits/pont iac-326-455c-i-alternator-a-c-w-optional-power-steering-revolver-serpentine -kit.html Application: Pontiac 326, 350, 389, 400, 421, 428, and 455c.i. V-8. Note: Kits require 1968 - newer balancer (4 bolt balancer without v-groove). 1969 or newer 11 bolt timing cover. Kit Includes: Powermaster or Tuff Stuff Chrome 105 Amp Alternator(s) (Chrome or Billet on #13145 #13150) Alternator pulley with fan and nose cover Matching Chrome A/C Compressor Water pump and Hardcoated pulley Alternator/Power Steering Bracket Crank pulley (Larger Dia for better accessory drive) 3 Idlers for better belt wrap (2 on #13145 and #13150) Belt Tensioning Tool All mounting hardware Kits with power steering include GM Type 2 power steering pump (does not include hoses or reservoir) Canister style power steering pump on #13145 and #13150 (Chrome or Billet) Power steering pulley with nose cover Bracket with mounting hardware. Optional: #450 Billet Remote Power Steering Reservoir Stainless Braided Power Steering Hose Kits For more information, please visit our website: http://marchperf.com