How to sharpen a Harley floor board on the tail of the dragon

2002 Harley Davidson FLHT Eletraglide on rt 129 in Tennessee AKA "the Dragon"

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Floorboards Scraping! This is how you handle a Harley
This is Rick Rutel showing the class how to really handle a motorcycle with skill and confidence. Check out the Ride Like a Pro motorcycle instruction video and find a Ride Like a Pro course in your area to improve your motorcycle riding skills. Buy the best selling motorcycle instruction video: Like us: Follow us:

Dragons Tail - Harley Crash 8/20/2012
Webby is trailing me back up the Dragon Tail from the end at the lake (back to Deals Gap), and along the way we catch up to slower traffic in some cruisers. I follow a couple Harley cruisers for a bit and the guy in front of me decides to politely pull over to let me pass easy....however things go really wrong and the guilt sets in....UGH!

Right U-turn from a stop on Harley Road King
This is me trying to do the RLAP West Coast method of making right-hand U-turns from a complete stop. This is challenging because I have to start with the right foot on the ground (not on my rear brake). I'm trying to keep the turn under 18 ft. diameter (2 parking spaces).

Harley Fatboy Rides the Tail of the Dragon
This is my first ride on US129, The Dragon! We drove all the way down from Canada to ride it, and it was worth it. I'm riding my 2012 Harley Fatboy.