Cutting Torch Fundamentals by The Welding Fanatic

Learn how to use a cutting torch. Learn some cutting torch terminology. Plus learn how to set it up, safety issues, & how to cut mild steel. The website: Want to learn how to arc weld, RIGHT NOW? * I'll help you get a great start with my ebook: "The Arc And Beyond!" * It will tell you ALL about welding and related skills. Are you having trouble with your: 1) Welding equipment? (your welder, your rod, your torch). 2) Welding techniques? 3) Welds breaking? ** My ebook will help you troubleshoot ALL those!** So you can "run good beads", but NOW WHAT? I'll give you tips about: 1) Designing... 2) Obtaining materials... 3) Preparing to weld... 4) "Laying out" the job... 5) Deciding on the ORDER of assembly... 6) Helping you troubleshoot problems... 7) Plus tips about FINISHING the job! Go to this link to buy my ebook, "The Arc and Beyond" for $14.44. THANKS: VICTOR'S suggested gas and oxygen settings. Job size can matter! Link:

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Cutting Torch Magic - How To Use A Cutting Torch
Go to to get instant access to the course. Learning how to use a cutting torch is easy with a little practice. Using a cutting torch gives you a ton of options when doing any kind of work with metal. You can cut metal to length, heat and bend metal, and even colorize metal with the heat. Learning how to adjust your cutting torch is the key to making a good cut. Also, making sure you're using the correct cutting tips will help improve the smoothness of your cut. All in all, cutting with an oxy acetylene cutting torch is fun and provides you with a numerous amount of options. For a limited time I'm accepting new members into my "Cutting Torch Magic" online video course that will walk you through A to Z everything you need to know to safely operate a cutting torch. Go to to get instant access to the course.

Cutting Torch - Tips for Oxygen Acetylene Cutting Using a cutting torch is serious stuff. Its pretty Safe when used properly, but not safe at all when not used properly. This is not a comprehensive oxyfuel safety course by any means but I tried to include most of the main things

Cutting Cement Lined Pipe
How to properly cut a cement lined pipe with a cutting torch.

How to use a torch to cut metal.
easy way to set lines for cutting with oxygen and acetylene torches. please click on my name under the title and watch my ff verses lol video i think you will laugh.