1ggte KE70 9.7

9 second australian statian wagon

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Замена ремня ГРМ 1g-fe НЕ бимс
В данном видео много спорных моментов относительно процедуры разборки. Прошу по этому поводу не сыпать сердитые коментарии.

Altezza Gita 1G-FE turbo@1.1 ~280hp обзор 2013
Altezza Gita 1G-FE turbo@1.1 ~280hp обзор 2013

91 supra twin turbo 1ggte startup and revving
Here's my supra on startup, revving, and how it sounds with stock Exhaust. I would also note that the engine was already warmed before this video, so it wasn't cold or dry when taken up to 7000 rpm. As you can see, the 1ggte is very smooth and calm, but takes to Boost very well. via YouTube Capture

запуск 1G- FE