Cortina Cowboys - OFFICIAL MOVIE, HD

Road movie from Korso to Mäntsälä with Ford Cortina 1964. See complete trilogy here:

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lotus cortina start up

Ten years of a restoration project- Capri RS2600 Race Replica
This is ten years of race car restoration project in 8:40 minutes. See other videos: Killing 1st engine in Dyno: 2nd engine in Dyno: ch?v=a74qBoASVpA Race compilation of Season 2013: Music from Zenith Spot - Mother Funk Cooldown - The Chase Funktion - Hyperventlation Cover photo and last photo in video Tuukka Erkkilä.

Alastaro Historic, Race2, 7.9.2014
Roadsport A, Race2 Ford Capri RS2600

Moustache Tip- How to eat Jam Toast with clean Moustache!
Pro tip from Mr. Victor "Moustache" Von Pirkenberg! See complete Cortina Cowboys trilogy here: