Tiger Red Nose Pit Bull (walk around)

i know i didn't get the head and i barely got his neck and chest... but this was my first time trying it to see how it'd look

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XXL AMERICAN BULLY PITBULLS playing at the beach.
American bully pitbulls Badboy Tyson, Queen Asena, Bailey and bentley playing at the pool... mugleston, xtreme bully pitbulls and royal blood line...... watch for more info about pups and more WWW.GIANTBULLYPITBULLS.COM.... We are located in the netherlands.....(Europa)..... Rasit Kaplan

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Pit Bull Growls and Snaps at Her Puppies! (in HD)
Mia's 4 week old Pit Bull puppies were born on July 10th 2010. I gave her a treat to occupy her while I was photographing her and she growled at her puppies and then 01:47 "snapped" at them. This behavior is called "food aggression" and can be treated (for more info see http://tinyurl.com/FoodAgression). This is Mia's only litter (American Staffordshire Terrier). This video is part of a playlist of 13 videos showing the birth of the puppies through their age of 8 weeks! To see my entire Pit Bull playlist of 13 videos click here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCAE8EA07184B21D2

UNO DE NUESTROS MEJORES PITBULL, EN TOMAS PARA UN VIDEO PROMOCIONAL. UN RED NOSE COMO POCOS SE HAN VISTO, ES UN PLACER HACER EJERCICIO Y DESARROLLAR LOS MUSCULOS EN UN PITBULLL COMO ESTE... NUESTRO FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/americanbullykennel hello friends, Carlos Caicedo Talk, owner of GARGOYLE PITS RED DEBO a beautiful AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER , is so ignorant that he believes he is an American Bully as he doubts he is a real APBT. PITBULL is a group of dogs that come to America from old Europe, whitout forms or rules that identify. it was the perfect warrior look, but not all followed the same path, the common denominator of all dogs were mixed with type bull terrier and type but the selection was different, so the variety found in this breed. what many people do not understand is that race is separated from the breed for more than one hundred years, and that means PITBULL almost any dog that can put up a fight, I understand that fans of this type of dog to death defending the originality of the race based on their function, but in a parallel universe and others saw the pit bull breeders other desirable caractaristicas other selection and was at the time "1898" where born AMERICAN PIT BULL TERRIER in an effort to separate race (APBT) of the breed (PITBULL), and from that moment the eternal born who Mailing absurd about real APBT. We have Proof of the existence of massive APBT produced by Mr. Colby and other recognized breeders of yesteryear. Today South America recognizes this truth and reestandariza race under three different types of APBT American Bully difereciandola from .... an american pit bull terrier should look like an american pitbull terrier breeders know that modern breed based on the exaggeration of form, losing type and function (not just fight) ... will soon give more information and arguments as to why our theories leave a link to the work we have developed with the encouragement of educating people based on the only true gentlemen of the game type APBT are NOT alone on this planet ...