Pontiac grand am ecotec 2.2l

Another video of my car. Nice Saturn engine.

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GM Ecotec 2.2 engine water pump disassembly
GM Ecotec 2.2 engine water pump disassembly and replace

Sand Cars Unlimited Ecotec Sandrail
Here is my 2001 sand cars unlimited sandrail. Leave a comment please!

The 2.2L ecotec is alive!
Well I finally finished it off and it runs great besides a half dead plug.

Saturn Ecotec 2.2L VUE DOHC, Open Valve cover
This engine is also known as a Z22SE I'm wondering if chain is loose or no? My other videos: Easy Hardwood floor installation using Manual Nailer http://youtu.be/rlxkdtiNI-s Hardwood Bathroom Transition http://youtu.be/Y4IZz_HcR6o How To Make Storage Shelf in Basement http://youtu.be/z1d0c4epfe0 New Ridgid Table Saw -Review http://youtu.be/QiXCPjQa2-E My Miniature Pinscher Puppy http://youtu.be/3FjUjF9THSY