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Pontiac grand am ecotec 2.2l

Another video of my car. Nice Saturn engine.


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How To Ecotec Direct Fuel Injection Diagnosis and Repair from Autolite Spark Plugs
This video explains how direct fuel injection works and how to diagnose common problems on the ecotec engine

Ecotec 2.2 Timing Chain guide broken
This 2.2 just stopped running one day. It will crank but not fire. A compression check showed 0 on all cylinders. When the engine was cranked there was a loud ticking sound. I pulled the timing cover and this is what I found. None of the timing marks line up. I think the head is probably shot. I got the car for 170.00US so it might be worth fixing.

Opel Z22SE engine instruction video
Opel Z22SE engine instruction video

2003 Pontiac Grand AM SE-1
2003 Pontiac Grand AM SE-1 73,000 Miles 4-Cylinder 2.2 liter Silver with Dark Grey Interior

'02 2.2L Ecotec Misfire
2002 Ecotec with a misfire on Cylinder #2. Idles like a diesel, and the oil coming out of the muffler is definatly a good sign lol

20-105 (MPH) RUN OF MY GRAND AM (2.2L)

Homemade cold air intake
2003 oldsmobile alero 2.2l ecotec engine with my cold air intake works like a champ :)

DDMWorks - LNF Coolant Refill on Ecotec Engines
This "how-to" walks you though how to get the air out of the cooling system on the Ecotec 2.0L, 2.2L and 2.4L. The video walks through the entire procedure, if you do have any other questions about how to do it, let us know at - tech@ddmworks.com. If you have any suggestions for future videos you would like to see, let us know!

2003 Pontiac Grand Am 5 speed
Short video of my car

2.2l L61 ecotec update.
Just a update on my progress with my 2002 saturn L100 and rebuilding the top end of the engine.

How to Change (remove & replace) a Starter
Follow these simple, step-by-step instructions for removing and installing an automobile starter with common tools. Includes advice on the correct wiring as well as testing and troubleshooting tips. Sponsored by BBB Industries - makers of premium alternators and starters that meet or exceed OE form, fit and function. http://www.BBBind.com Related Video: How to Troubleshoot a Starter Problem: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mKrx-fMi_8 Eric the Car Guy is an ASE-certified Master Technician based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

knowing your saturn timing chain is bad
best way to know when you have a bad timing chain

ecotec fail
this is what happens when you don't follow maitenance schedules.

grand am burnout 2.2l ecotec
pretty damn good burnout.

Fixing A Car That Cranks But Doesn't Start Up
Scotty Kilmer, mechanic for the last 46 years and counting, shows how to fix a car that cranks over but will not start up. And, If you like my car help, be sure to watch my live car talk show every Saturday morning at 10 AM CST on YouTube. I answer your car questions LIVE there. Just check it out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VognjkYaMjg&list=UUuxpxCCevIlF-k-K5YU8XPA&f eature=c4-overview . And remember, every TUESDAY I upload a new video, so don't miss them.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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