S14 200SX - Jacks Hill Climb 21 Oct 2007

S14 200SX tackles hill climb on new course layout at Jack's Hill Wannneroo, West Australia, as part of the AMR Speed Event Series in a time of 54.7717sec = 1st in class 5B and 7th overall from 59 competitors.

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Porsche Club Jacks hill Climb 2009

hillclimb montee tros marets 2013 nissan silvia drift 1
Pieter Gouwy drifts Nissan Silvia up the hill at tros marets hillclimb

Apex S14 V8 going up Prescott Hill Climb at the SXOC meet
Quick vid of our S14 V8 going up Prescott. The cars a full road going car with full interior and Apex Comfy suspension system. Its my daily driver, not a stripped out race car. The car runs a standard Chevy LS2 litre V8 out of a 2006 pontiac GTO. Complete stock engine, clutch, management etc. Very nice to drive, sweet start from stone cold and hopefully, 100k mile reliability. 390bhp with similar torque.

FN2 Civic Type-R Jacks Hill 310110
My FN2 Civic Type-R at Jacks Hill 31 Jan 2010 Summer Hill Climb Series Rd3