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Rover 820
This is my 1999 Rover 820. (The badge says '800' but it's an '820'). I bought it at the beginning of March 2011 for £380. It's running great ... I use it daily to get to and from work. I've done just over 4000 miles (by July 2011) In this video, my mum and her friend (Byron) have just come back from a drive. It has a 2ltr 16 valve DOHC engine and is manual. It's in British Racing Green with a beige cloth interior. Everything works on it, including the 6 CD player. I've had to spend about £600 on it, so far ... A new radiator, bottom hose, starter motor and cam belt. The Exhaust is blowing a bit, and there are slight leaks from the power steering and, of course, the engine ... It's done a lot of caravan towing so the rear bearings are a bit noisy. Not major problems. It's great to drive an old British car even though it's not as flash as the new European stuff ... and I feel as though I'm getting value for my money! It's very comfortable on a long drive and surprisingly nippy around town.

1985 Rover SD1 Vanden Plas EFi
1985 Rover 3500 SD1 Vanden Plas EFi with Megasquirt ECU after a tune and some cosmetic touch ups.

xDTGx - Rover 820 coupe

Rover 827 Road Train 800 trailer half car