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Ferrari F355 Challenge tuned at Titan Motorsports

Jeff Ippoloti's Ferrari 355 Challenge car gets tuned at Titan Motorsports by Felix Medina in preperation for the inaugural FCRA Race at Sebring International Raceway, the kickoff event for the Celebration Exotic Car Festival weekend 2011.


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Titan Motorsports ADRL Summer Drags VI - Second Win in a Row
Gary White and the Titan Motorsports Scion TC win their second race in a row at the ADRL Summer Drags VI in Martin, MI.

Nyce1s - Titan Motorsports Supra Hood Detaches @ MIR World Cup Finals
While racing our Toyota Supra at the MIR World Cup, Nyce1s conveniently had mounted a GoPro on the roof of the car which captured this great clip of our hood flying off during eliminations. After over 10 years of racing use, the Hood pin on the car failed causing it to remove itself from the car at over 180mph. We've since replaced the hood and will be installing new Aerocatch units and hope to be testing again soon in hopes of retaking the world records.

2013 Nissan GTR - Shell URT Advanced Dyno Test
We Dyno test a 2013 Nissan GTR with basic modifications to weigh the benefits of Shell's new URT Advanced unleaded race fuel over 93 Octane. This car had stock turbos with Id1000 Injectors,SPB Intake,midpipe,downpipe and a PWJDM Exhaust. The Cobb Access port was used for tuning and to raise the Boost for the URT run. Dyno runs were performed on the same day in an effort to remove as many outside variables as possible.

Ferrari F355 GTS start up and accelerate

Ferrari F40 Vs Ferrari F50 Vs Ferrari F355 in Suzuka
Ferrari F40 Vs F50 Vs F355 are some of the best cars of the late 80's and 90's. face to face in a good fight in the Suzuka circuit. Ferrari F50 Ferrari F40 Ferrari F355 Porsche 911 turbo Porsche 911 GT3 Lamborghini Diablo GT Nissan skylineGT-R - Ferrari F40 VS Ferrari F50 Vs F355 Vs Lambo Diablo Los Ferrari F40 - F50 y F355 són algúnos de los mejores coches de finales de los 80's y 90's. Enfrentados en una bonita lucha en el circuito de suzuka. Ferrari F50 Ferrari F40 Ferrari F355 Porsche 911 turbo Porsche 911 GT3 Lamborghini Diablo GT Nissan skyline GT-R

Nurburgring Ferrari F355 Spider Mitsubishi EVO VI
http://www.nurburgringuk.com David Yu (of EVO magazine fame) being followed by a friend in an EVO VI

Driving the Ferrari F355
http://www.ferrarilife.com http://www.facebook.com/urgetodrive Cassia decides to take the Ferrari F355 GTS for a quick spin. She got on the gas right from the start without warming up the engine and gearbox - my poor car. Is that how they teach you to drive in Brazil??

古いアナログな映像ですが必見! 派手なF355チャレンジがイイ音だして爆走! たくさんのスーパーカーが見れる! EVENTムービーはこちら↓ http://www.ms-cruise.com/event.html スーパーカーの事なら当社にお任せ下さい! http://www.ms-cruise.com/

Ferrari F355 クライスジーク F1サウンド
F355(PR) Berlinetta 6M/T

Ferrari F355 Challenge with Capristo Exhaust
BrianZuk records an awesome yellow Ferrari F355 Challenge car with Capristo Exhaust revving and driving off. Sounds so good! Be sure to turn your volume up a bit :) BrianZuk's Facebook Here! http://www.facebook.com/pages/BrianZuk/150184461660159

(HD) Ferrari F355 GTS F1 - Ride, Revs & German Autobahn
This F355 GTS F1 has a Targa Roof, and the Wind Noise is incredible loud, especially on the Autobahn. We were driving 260kmh, and it was so loud, that you couldn´t hear the lovely Engine sound, so i decided to upload just a short scene while driving on the Autobahn. And also, the Streets are very wet as you can see in this Video, that´s why we are just Cruising around. No Full Throttle Accelerations or something like that. At least, it was a great experience to drive this Car. The F355 is one of my favorit Ferraris !! In this Video, you can see a Lamborghini Aventador LP700, i will also make an Onboard Video with that Car in the next few weeks !! Rate, Commet or Subscribe, Please

Ferrari F355 Maxflo Supersport Exhaust Explanation
Call Fabspeed Directly: 888-646-4945 Visit Fabspeed's Website: http://www.fabspeed.com Visit Fabspeed on Faceboook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fabspeed-Motorsport/112917185464552 Fabspeed explains the newly developed Supersport Exhaust System for the Ferrari F355. This Exhaust features 2.5"/63.5mm C.N.C. mandrel bent stainless steel with four resonators to control the Exhaust tone. Fabspeed designed the Supersport Exhaust to be used with the stock primary/secondary catalytic converters or Fabspeed's 200 cell tri-metallic sportcats/secondary catbypass pipe. This system includes quad outlet tips which connect via a V-Band clamp and are adjustable. Weight savings compared to the restrictive OEM Exhaust is 18.6 lbs/ 9.18kg with a performance increase of 15.3HP/14.3 ft-lbs of torque at the top end. This is a direct bolt-on replacement for the OEM Exhaust and requires no cutting or welding. Please visit FABSPEED.com for more information regarding Exhaust components for your Ferrari. Video taken 1/4/2012 Visit Fabspeed's Website: http://www.fabspeed.com Visit Fabspeed on Faceboook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fabspeed-Motorsport/112917185464552

Porsche GT2 & Ferrari 355
http://www.spositostudio.com em parceria com Grand Royal filmes (http://www.grandroyal.com.br)

Double Trouble - Ferrari F355
http://www.facebook.com/urgetodrive http://itunes.apple.com/us/book/isbn9780615487861 Early morning drive in a pair of Ferrari F355s. Still one of the best looking, the 355 is also recognized as having the best sounding engine/Exhaust note. In 1995, the 355 only came with a gated 6 speed shifter. They don't make them like this anymore!!

Ride in a Ferrari F355 F1 with TUBI - sound, accelerations; 1080p HD
Gijs records a ride in a fantastic Ferrari F355 F1 GTS with tubi Exhausts. The very kind owner promised a while ago that I could go for a ride in his Ferrari and three weeks ago we met again and went for a ride. This was at the Dutch Supercar Sunday by autogepot.com. The sound of the F355 with Tubi's is just amazing, I really like it. In the video you can see several other exotics cruising around too. Hope you like the video as much as I enjoyed the ride! Subscribe for more. FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/SpotterGijs.YT TWITTER: http://twitter.com/SpotterGijs_YT 2nd CHANNEL: http://www.Youtube.com/SpotterGijsOneShot

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Christopher Jensen, Engine: 5.6L DOHC, Turbos: Garrett GT 4094R Tires: Hoosier QTP 28x16x11.50 slicks

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2005 Nissan Titan LE: 12.902 @ 0.000
Steven Larson, Engine: 5.6 VK56, Tires: 16

2007 Nissan Titan XE: 12.909 @ 104.580
mike lowe, Engine: 5.6, Tires: Hoosier

2005 Nissan Titan SE 4X2 NATURALLY ASPIRATED: 12.929 @ 103.280
Toomnymods, Engine: 5.6L V8, Tires: Hoosier QTP 28x11.50x16

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1997 Ferrari F355 Spider: 13.010 @ 112.100

2005 Nissan Titan SE 4X2 Nitrous: 13.166 @ 106.760
Toomnymods, Engine: 5.6L V8, Tires: Hoosier QTP 28 x 11.50 x 16

2005 Nissan Titan LE: 13.169 @ 104.430
Steven Larson, Engine: 5.6 VK56, Tires: had on some 16

2004 Nissan Titan XE KC N/A Non Cammed: 13.180 @ 102.310
titanss, Engine: 5.6 Liter Nissan V8, Tires: 275-50-17 M&H DR's

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RBs Titan, Engine: 5.6, Tires: kumnho 275/55/20

2005 Nissan Titan XE Crew Cab Nitrous: 13.338 @ 102.960
O-fivecc- SteveO, Engine: 5.6L, Tires: Hoosier 28

2007 Nissan Titan XE: 13.360 @ 102.720
Mike Lowe, Engine: 5.6, Tires: Hossier Slicks 28X10

2005 Nissan Titan LE: 13.576 @ 102.750
Steven Larson, Engine: 5.6, Tires: 305/40/22

2005 Nissan Titan NON-CAMMED/ NON-VVT SE KC FFV: 13.578 @ 98.510
Gweasel77, Engine: 5.6L VK56DE DOHC N/A, Tires: OEM / 295/45R17 MT ET Streets

2007 Nissan Titan SE, KC: 13.590 @ 100.000
Chris Tenayuca, Engine: 5.6L VK56, Tires: 28x11.5x16


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