Subaru Impreza GC8 Sound (RF-01)

Subaru Impreza GC8 In Thailand With Fujisubo RF-01

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impreza gc8 pure rally 1/5

Subaru Impreza Thailand Launch
MotorImage Subaru (Thailand) ends this year brilliantly with new Impreza Hatch. The day was about unveiling, reserving and tests of course. But as appeared in the event are 1.5 5MT models; one for display (STI accessorized), and one for test drive and perform some simple cool moves as this temporary course can give. For buyers? First 50 units out of 150 can be drive away before end of the year.

subaru impreza wrx exhaust HKS sound...
linea de escape HKS de 3" completa.....

14.03.07モーターランド鈴鹿 44.212 インプレッサ GC8
モータランド鈴鹿を走行してきました。 仕様は、インプレッサGC8 ノーマルエンジン ノーマル ターボ ブースト1.2 気温は5℃ 路面状況は良 ただし、雪がちらついてま 。