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G-Monster to 9G's! (or how to not G-LOC!)
A video of two profiles flown in the human centrifuge at Brooks AFB (

Zero G = Max Fun
I took a bunch of kids up to experience brief zero-g (as well as nice & normal plane rides, of course). For each group, we discussed it ahead of time and worked our way up to full zero-g (which I can maintain for a little over a second in safe flight that doesn't exceed 30 degrees of pitch or safe airspeed). Fun in the sky, each group had a great time!

Zero G Flight - Parabolic Flight With The Airbus A300 Of Novespace
Because of Novespace's (owner of the Airbus Zero G) decision to reorganize the commercial flights after June 17, 2015 - we will not been able to offer the European zeroG flights at the moment. The flight with our customers (already booked) will be happen on June 17, 2015 with Novespace's new Airbus A-310 "Zero G". But no of the sellers will be able to offer new upcoming flights after April 29. Sorry about this and thanks for your understanding. Beginning with 2013 also Europe has now its own possibillity that you will feel the awesome feeling of weightlessness: from two destinations, Bordeaux and Paris (Le Bourget) the Airbus A300 of "Novespace" will take you to weightlessness conditions! You will feel during the 2 hours flight 15 parabolas, 2 Mars G (1/3 G Earth gravity), 2 Moon G (1/6 G Earth gravity) and 11 Zero G (0G). The special flight maneuvres of the Airbus will make this parabolic flight very comfortable for you. You are seated during ascent and descent, and you will have a lot of space still around you! All flights will be attend from Jean-François Clervoy, European Space Agency astronaut, Novespace Chairman. Song "Atmosphere" by DigitalR3public

9G Pilot
An East Europe Pilot can stand more than 10 seconds without a blackout at 9G