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Ferrari 308 GTB, Historic Racing, Mount Panorama, Australia, Part-2, inc in car graphics

This is a race at the Bathurst track at Mount Panorama, NSW, Australia. The track is about 3 hours from Sydney. This was a meeting in April 2009 for the Festival of Sporting Cars. The category is group Sc which means Sports Cars between 1972 and 1978. The cars have to run "as they were" in the period with no modifications. My car is an 1976 308GTB Ferrari Vetroresina. It is a fibreglass bodied car, dry sump, carburetted


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'76 Ferrari 308 GTB opening up
stock engine with 82k miles and still running very well. Yes, Ferrari engines can last a long time if taken care of! Oil pressure sender is reading half at the moment (bad sending unit pending installation of new part) so pay no attention to that!

Ferrari 308 GTB qv at start of Prescott hill climb circuit
Prescott Garden Party July 2009 A fun day out at the Prescott's hill climb circuit. It was not a competition day, so we were all just having a good time driving up the hill.

Ferrari 308 GTB, Historic Racing, Mount Panorama, Australia, Part-1
This is a race at the Bathurst track at Mount Panorama, NSW, Australia. The track is about 3 hours from Sydney. This was a meeting in April 2009 for the Festival of Sporting Cars. The category is group Sc which means Sports Cars between 1972 and 1978. The cars have to run "as they were" in the period with no modifications. My car is an 1976 308GTB Ferrari Vetroresina. It is a fibreglass bodied car, dry sump, carburetted

Unusual Stingray Corvette C3 vs. Ferrari 308 - Rallye Critérium Jurassien 2012 - Classic FV05
Unusual Rallye Cars at the Rallye Critérium Jurassien 2012 More information about rallye vids on http://fingervideo.ch

1979 ferrari 308 gtb
footage of a genuine real live 1979 ferrari 308 gtb with that nice 4 weber carb induction sound. for more cool shots of cars visit www.carsihaveseen.com

Ferrari 308 GTB - Dream Cars
Ferrari 308 GTB - Dream Cars Model: 308 GTB Displacement cu in (cc): 183 (3000) Power bhp (kW) at RPM: 315 (234) / 8000 Max Torque Speed Nm: 265 Redline at RPM: 7700 Top Speed mph (km/h): 155 (249) 0 -- 62.1 mph: 6.5'

Ferrari 308 GTB at Rally Legend Boucles de Spa
Driven by Björn Waldegård in the rainy area of Spa, Belgium there was this beautiful 308 GTB Gr. 4 rally Ferrari! Enjoy the beautiful sound.

Spinout in a Ferrari 308 on the track !
Spin out with this racing driver on the track ! in a 308 GT4

Ferrari 308 GTB Rally sound - backfire, accelerations; 1080p HD
Gijs records a rare Ferrari 308 GTB in Rally trim. This car was present at a rally for classic cars in Boekelo, The Netherlands. The sound of this old Ferrari is great! I like the rawness of it! Since I got some positive feedback on the music at the 'walk-around' scenes, I added some music again this time, but the engine noises are still complety available! Hope you like the video! Subscribe for more and thanks for watching! FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/SpotterGijs.YT TWITTER: http://twitter.com/SpotterGijs_YT 2nd CHANNEL: http://www.Youtube.com/SpotterGijsOneShot

Ferrari 308 in-car
Some spirited driving in a 77 Ferrari 308 GTB. This is a Euro Spec car with an Ansa Exhaust.

FERRARI 308 GTB VETRORESINA 1976 - Test drive in top gear - V8 sound | SCC TV
Recently we came across this beautiful Ferrari 308 GTB Vetroresina 1976 at The Gallery in Brummen, The Netherlands. We took the car for a little spin! We love to hear your comments on our videos or receive your 'thumb up'. Thanks a lot! The 308 is considered by many to be one of Ferrari's greatest manufacturing and styling triumphs. The original 308 GTB released in 1975 was the first production Ferrari to be produced with a fiberglass body, excluding the front bonnet which was aluminium. These models are also sometimes referred to as the GRP (glass reinforced plastic) or Vetroresina (Italian for fiberglass) cars. The first production 308 GTB was unveiled at the Paris Salon in October 1975 and was an instant hit with the motoring press and general public. Fans of the Dino 246 GT were particularly pleased to see some of the design elements of the old car carried across, such as the scalloper air intakes on the side panels, twin tail lights and recessed curved rear window. The car also received the "wedge" treatment which was fashionable at the time, but unlike some of its contemporaries it was applied in restraint. Why fiberglass? There are various arguments about why fiberglass was chosen for the first limited production run of this model. The most commonly accepted reason is Ferrari were disappointed with the sales results of the earlier Dino 308 GT4 introduced in 1973, and wanted to speed up the production of the new car to offset lost sales to competitors such as Porsche, Maserati, Lamborghini and Lotus. It was also quicker and easier to make moulds for fiberglass construction than dies for metal pressings, and Lotus had been successfully reducing the weight of their production sports cars using fiberglass bodies for many years. Once production of the steel cars started in 1977 the fiberglass models were considered "inferior" for many years, and this was not helped by the fact that the bodies were considerably more difficult and expensive to repair. But inevitably the low production numbers (refer table below) and combination of carburettor engine, lighter body and reduced corrosion areas, have made the glass models the most desirable of the 3x8 range. Why dry sump? The rarest of all the fiberglass road cars are those with the dry sump engine of which were only available to some markets, and appoximately only 100 in right hand drive. It is not clear why Ferrari went to the expense of developing a dry sump engine for the 308 but the most likely reason is they were planning to build a racing version using the lighter fibreglass body. Whilst the dry sump motor has minimal (if any) increase in power over the equivalent spec wet sump, it does have a significant advantage on a race track where oil surging during tight cornering can cause oil starvation in the wet sump motor. Ultimately it was left to Michelotto to develop a handful of ex-factory fiberglass race cars which are highly prized and sought after today. Production Data The fiberglass 308 GTB's made up 3.28% of the total production of 308, 328 and 208 cars between 1975 and 1989.

Ferrari 308 QV Part II
Sortie juin 2007

1980 Ferrari 308 GTSi
http://motoexotica.com/inventory/5990/1980_Ferrari_308_GTS1.htm • Iconic Italian Sports Car! • Steel Body, Targa Top! • Original Campagnolo Wheels! • 2.9L Tipo F106BB V8 & 5-Speed Manual! • Perfect 1st Ferrari for ANY Car Enthusiast! The 308 was Ferrari's first two-seat V8 road car. Made available to the public in 1975, it was the long awaited successor to the incomparable Dino 246 GT. The 308 series was a new beginning for the company as the premier builder of exotic sports cars for road use. As such, the 308 was designed to epitomize the sports car in its era. It did so admirably, and remains perhaps the most influential enthusiast car in history. The 308 is the car against which every subsequent sports car has been measured, upon which every Ferrari V8 sports and racing car has been based, and the car that brought Ferrari from the pinnacle of elite car-culture recognition into the minds of the general public. 25 years later, the shape and sound of the 308 is still "Ferrari" in the minds of many people. MotoeXotica is pleased to present yet another breath taking Ferrari 308 GTSi. Manufactured in Maranello, Italy, the 308 you see here is steel bodied and has a targa top. This incredible car is sure to turn heads wherever it may be driven to. As with any exotic beauty, it is sure to be a conversation starter as well! Finished in Nero Black, the paint deep and shows beautifully! The iconic Italian body is straight as an arrow! The rear bumper is nice and show no major rock chips or dents. The front bumper has some minor cracking on the driver's side towards the center. The original and sought after Campagnolo wheels are in excellent condition and really set off the car. The wheels are wrapped in newer P205/70R14 tires. All tires have a lot of tread life left and there is a spare tire beneath the front bonnet. The black leather interior looks great and shows no major imperfections. The black dash is solid with no buckling or cracking. The carpet and small amount of headliner both look great with no major imperfections. The glass targa top is in excellent condition and is easily removed. It has an AM/FM/CD Player. The 2.9 liter Tipo F106BB V8 under the rear bonnet performs and runs great. On the road, the car performs as a Ferrari should... tons of grunt and the unforgettable Italian V8 sound coming from behind the seat. The synchromesh, 5-speed manual transmission shifts fine going through the 5 speed gated shifter in the center console. This is your chance to own a world class Ferrari. Your neighbors will envy you as well as everyone that lays their eyes on this masterpiece. It is a perfect first Ferrari for any car lover or a perfect addition to any collection. The VIN is ZFFAA02A2A0031907 and the mileage currently shows 25,832. This car is being sold on a clean & clear title. GET OUT & DRIVE!!!

Ferrari 308 GTB - Amazing Film
Very nice film about a mythical car : THE Ferrari 308 GTB According to some fans : "Ferrari 308 has dried up vertical lathe trespassing for many years" and he is totally right. Let's share this video ans this fabulous moment

Ferrari 308 GTS QV with Tubi on the Dyno LOUD exhaust
1983 Ferrari 308 GTS QV. Winding out the gears to 8K rpm on the Dyno. Tubi Style muffler w/test pipes.

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