Ferrari 308 GTB, Historic Racing, Mount Panorama, Australia, Part-2, inc in car graphics

This is a race at the Bathurst track at Mount Panorama, NSW, Australia. The track is about 3 hours from Sydney. This was a meeting in April 2009 for the Festival of Sporting Cars. The category is group Sc which means Sports Cars between 1972 and 1978. The cars have to run "as they were" in the period with no modifications. My car is an 1976 308GTB Ferrari Vetroresina. It is a fibreglass bodied car, dry sump, carburetted

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chasing a ferrari around bathurst in my clio 172
Bryan Fitzpatrick in his Renault clio 172, doing a few laps of mount panorama chasing a Black Ferrari 308 GTS. The 3rd lap of this video is my quickest around the mountain, a time of 2:51. I was running Federal RS-R tyres. Anyone wanna sponsor me some dunlops ;)

The Worst Ferrari Ever
Keith Martin of Sports Car Market magazine walks around what may be one of the worst "Ferraris" we've ever seen... a very badly done Boxer replica.

Ferrari 308 GTB 9200RPM dyno KMS MD35 / throttle body kit 400+hp
Ferrari 308 GTB race car with KMS MD35 ecu and throttle body kit 400+hp at 9200RPM On Dyno at Van Kronenburg Autosport car built by: Modena Motorsport in Germany

Unusual Stingray Corvette C3 vs. Ferrari 308 - Rallye Critérium Jurassien 2012 - Classic FV05
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