2002 Mitsubishi eclipse glow gauges

ADD (retarded name right) Glow Gauges for 2001-05 mitsubishi eclipse, automatic trans. Comes with toggle to switch between a bluish, or white light. Also has a dimmer. All original indicators shine through the cover. Pretty simple install, just show caution, components are a bit fragile. Video shows with car turned off, engine cold, but everything seems to be working right. It is hard to tell the difference of the lights on camera, but in person look a lot better, and have a big difference.

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how to install new glow gauge
IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO KNOW WHERE THE WIRES GO, WELL LOOK AT MY OTHER VIDEOS, SO YOU COULD HAVE AN IDEA just a little tip on how to install new face gauges in a honda civic , it isnt the best but i was trying my best, dont hate if you dont like it

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Dave's 2003 Digital Eclipse 2.0.mp4
This is my 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse. After upholstering my dash in leather, a few months later it looked like crap so i decided to redo it. Its still a work in progress but this is what i have so far

2002 Mitsubishi Eclipse gt (3g)
Switch Lanes (Feat. The Game) (DatPiff Exclusive) 3:41 Tyga Well Done 3 Hip-Hop 10 meagan race headers aem v2 cold air intake chipped greddy ti-c full catback projector head lights 8000k blue hids 18inch xxr glod and silver inside walls low pro tires aftermarket neon lugnuts blox weighted neon shift knob mopar floor mats tinted windows now lowering springs {soon} platinum spark plugs and new wires 12inch alpine type r subwoofer getting put in {soon} green light interior