Dave's 1969 Dodge Polara

383 V8 727 Trans Gator vinyl top 4 door - hey, I'm a family man!

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DODGE POLARA 1969 383cid this is how we have fun!

Quick Dodge Polara slideshow - U.S.A.!
A compilation of Polaras I found on the web. I'm glad these cars are still running strong and not being abused by demo derby dorks. My yellow '69 appears towards the end. The Dodge Polara is indeed an underrated MUSCLE CAR. Enjoy.

Hemi 572 Dodge Polara 1969
kleine Burnouts auf hauseigener Teststrecke ;)

1969 Dodge Polara Commercial - White Hat Special Commercial with Joan Parker
One of my favorite cars of all time. Note this is a Spring Special model with the fake Chrome Loop Grill.