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Wish Club M7 Members Line Up

Wish M7 Batu Layar


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Wish Club M7 Batu Layar
Konvoi and Picnic

wish stunts
salom course and footbrake turn

2003 wish top speed

My beautiful MPV (2003 Toyota Wish)
walkthough of my parent's beautiful 2003 Toyota Wish minivan. If you don't know this car, here's a brief description: The Toyota Wish is a minivan produced by Japanese automaker Toyota since 2003. It is available as a six and seven-seater, equipped with either a 1.8 or 2.0-litre gasoline engine. It is positioned below the Ipsum and above the Spacio in Toyota's minivan range. Apart from Japan, the Wish is also assembled in Thailand (for Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore only) and Taiwan (for Taiwan only). Codenamed ZNE10G (FWD) and ZNE14G (4WD), it uses a 1.8 L 1ZZ-FE engine, producing (JIS) 132 PS and 170 N·m (125 ft·lbf). It is only available with four-speed automatic. A 2.0 L version (codenamed ANE11W for the six-seater version and ANE10G for the seven-seater version) was launched in April 2003. Equipped with the 1AZ-FSE direct-injection engine, it has (JIS) 155 PS (114 kW) and 192 N·m (142 ft·lbf). Variants with the 2.0 D-4 engine are only available with a CVT gearbox. The WISH was extremely successful in its home market, and is frequently seen on the Top 5 on the 30 bestseller list each months. It has also made shockwave to its competitors, such as the Honda Stream & Madza Premacy or Mazda 5 to changing its market positioning. The Toyota Wish was also launched as a locally assembled model in Thailand towards the end of 2003 (Dec.2003). The Wish in Thailand is very similar to the Japanese version, except for a few differences: * Models across the range get the 2.0Z fenders. * Standard 17 inch wheels across the range (Same design as the one used on the 2.0Z) * Same 2.0 1AZ-FE engine as the ASEAN Camry instead of the 1AZ-FSE * No privacy glass (excluding the grey-import variants) * Leather upholstery as standard on the 2.0Q * The rear Double wishbone suspension of 4WD models in Japan was fitted with 2WD model in Thailand as standard. (no Torsion beam rear suspension in Thai version). Specs: Length: 456 cm Width: 174.5 cm height: 160 cm wheelbase: 2750 cm ground clearance: 17 cm Transmission: 4-speed ECT with sequential Seats: 6-7

Toyota Wish トヨタ ウイッシュ 2008
Toyota Wish Upgrades

Тест-Драйв: Toyota Wish 1.8 125 л.с. (4WD) - Джоник Кадыров
Всем привет! Сегодня у нас на тест-драйве оказался настоящий японский универсал/минивен Toyota Wish. Из чего он сделан и стоит ли его покупать - смотрите в видео :)

Vip Style Toyota Wish - 23 LCD / 23 モニター [HD] MV
DZEUS VIP released its latest vid on Vip Style Toyota Wish 23 LCD display. The lcds can be seen from the rear view mirror, sun visor, headrest, roof and combination of 2.5 and 3 inch monitors specially mounted on the rear end and at the front of the luxury front table. With over 6 minutes of run time, take your time and enjoy every bit of details instilled for you in this video. For more info log on to http://www.dzeusvip.com or join DZEUS VIP facebook fanpage at http://www.facebook.com/pages/DZEUS-VIP/118833132177?ref=ts

Interior of my Toyota Wish 2012

ARB Toyota LandCruiser 79 Dual Cab
Check out the new Toyota LandCruiser 79 Series Dual Cab, cloaked in ARB accessories, in action on the farm and on the tracks.

TOYOTA WISH - Japan - 29-JAN-2011

VIP Style Toyota Wish - LED and LCD Display
VIP Style Toyota Wish LED and LCD Display www.dzeusvip.com

The All New Toyota Wish : 最受歡迎中型MPV - 豐田 Wish
全新豐田WISH操控美感同步創新極限 豐田WISH向以動感型格見稱,全新豐田WISH再度破格出擊, 以全新面貌示人,讓人耳目一新。加上動力十足的配置 讓操控與美感同步創新極限。 皇冠汽車有限公司今日假青衣城舉行全新豐田WISH登場儀 ,吸引眾多傳媒及嘉賓到場。同時邀得豐田WISH主查(Deputy Chief Engineer)長野誠先生專程從日本遠道而來出席是次活動,其 後更與皇冠汽車有限公司執行董事蘇軒熲先生一同為全新 豐田WISH進行了揭幕儀式。 全新豐田WISH由外到內均加強動感元素,配上全新設計雙 車頭格柵,加上全車原廠擾流配件#,外型顯得活力十足 輪圈亦經過精心挑選,WISH 1.8配以全新設計雙色合金輪圈,WISH 2.0則配備碳灰色合金輪圈,兩者均為全新豐田WISH增添濃 跑味。車尾新增配置LED尾燈,更見俐落瀟灑。內櫳方面 雙色設計座椅型格獨特,正好與時尚動感的車身設計互 呼應。 除了外型突出外,全新豐田WISH的操控性能亦同樣予人深 印象。配備「VALVEMATIC」引擎技術,透過電腦控制進氣閥 開關時間及行程長短,從而有效提升引擎輸出及引擎反 ,達至出眾的燃耗效益,同時有效減低排放。而「七前 智慧型無段變速自動波箱連+/-波轉檔模式」,成就超凡 速表現,更可享受如同駕駛棍波汽車的樂趣,同時亦備 動感駕駛模式及ECO駕駛模式可供選擇,充份體貼你的駕 需要;加上雙搖臂懸掛系統,大大增加貼地性能,讓駕 者即使面對不同角度的彎路,仍能操控得心應手。 WISH 1.8配備CVT動感模式(CVT Sport mode)系統。CVT動感模式系統使波箱反應更加快速。當車輛 速時,引擎制動 (Engine braking) 效能更加明顯。而收油時 (油門腳踏鬆開),引擎則能保持穩定的轉速,提升隨後的 速表現。而WISH 2.0獨有的靈活動感模式(Dynamic Sport Mode)則結合了CVT動感模式、循跡控制(Traction Control)及電子動力輔助轉向系統(Electric Power Steering)的功能。電子動力輔助轉向系統為駕駛者帶來更穩 定的操控感覺,同時令汽車於彎道上能保持最佳位置,從 而讓駕駛者體驗前所未有的操控樂趣。 For More Videos : www.g-me.com.hk Be Friends with us on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/gme.imn?ref=tn_tnmn

氣壓升降避震 Air Suspension (Toyota Wish)
氣壓升降避震 Air Suspension (Toyota Wish)

120415 New TOYOTA WISH 新登場
新型ウィッシュ発表会 WISH

2004 Toyota Wish Start-Up, Full Vehicle Tour and Quick Drive

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