2012 Camaro ZL1 Exhaust [HD]

BRAND new Camaro ZL1 Exhaust clips. It is my buddys car, located in Clarksville, MD. Enjoy!

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Ben Herman's ZL1 Camaro
Ben Herman and his new ZL1 Camaro on the Dyno and at the Royal Purple Raceway in Houston, TX.

Cobalt SS/TC vs. Cobalt SS/TC
SKIP TO 4:47 IF YOU JUST WANNA SEE THE RACES. Though they are unfortunate, I'm telling ya now. And don't b*tch cause I'm telling you where the race is. But yes, two heavily modded SS's.

Cobalt SS/TC Blue Smoke?
JUST got the car last week. Only 25k miles...warmed up and all. I took the video just for sound, and when I went back to watch it I saw 0:33 . Any advice/diagnosis?

2012 Camaro ZL1 Exhaust Startup & Rev
2012 Camaro zl1 Exhaust startup and rev