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[FILM ENTIER] Tokyo Burnout | Wangan Midnight
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[720p HD MOVIE] Wangan Midnight English Subtitles
Watch the Anime here! If the video is muted please use this mirror: Stop reading the description and watch the movie! I do not own this film. For Educational and nonprofit use only under the Fair Use Act of 1976.

Mike Hammer - Heart Breaker (Wangan Midnight: The Movie) Music Video
This is a music video to Mike Hammer's Heart Breaker of 1992 featured in the 2009 Live Action Movie smash hit and my favourite Japanese racing movie ever! Wangan Midnight: The Movie. I used various scenes from the movie featuring Akio Asakura with Devil Z and Tatsuya Shima with Blackbird. I've selected to include scenes that fitted with the lyrics of the song. Basically Heart Breaker sums up Eriko's feelings towards Devil Z after it took the life of her brother. 'Going crazy for you' represents that people are addicted to Devil Z, its incredible speed and describes Blackbird's driver Tatsuya's addiction to racing and destroying the Z. --- No copyright infringements nor breaches indented, this music video is intended for entertainment purposes only. The appropriate copyright acknowledgements have been placed in the credits, the copyright acknowledgements go towards the movie material used and song featured in this music video. ---

Wangan Midnight "The Devil Z" 1991 FULL MOVIE (NO SUB)
The story gets its roots from the street racing that occurs on Tokyo's Shuto Expressway Bayshore Route. 'Wangan' (literally bayshore in Japanese) is the endonym of this longest, straightest road in the entire country. Akio Asakura, a high school student in his last year of study, is driving his Nissan 300ZX(Z31) on the Shuto Expressway when he challenges Tatsuya Shima, a doctor, in his black Porsche 964 turbo, dubbed the "BlackBird"Every person who takes possession of the Z ends up spinning out of control and crashing, as if the car is rebelling against its driver. This gives the blue Z the nickname "The Devil Z". *Sorry guys no subtitle.