Wangan Midnight:The Movie (2009) Japan Racing

I do not own this film. For Educational and nonprofit use only under the Fair Use Act of 1976. Based on a long running comic series by Michiharu Kusunoki, "Wangan Midnight" is about a high school student Akio Asakura who one day finds a decrepit 240Z at a junk yard (The Z at this point has already been modified to a twin turbo machine with 280Z's engine in it). He finds strange attraction to this Z and decides to buy it. Coincidentally, the previous owner's name was also Akio Asakura. Feeling the hand of fate, he puts his entire energy into restoring this Z back to its pristine condition. The Z was infamously known as the "Devil's Z", and was rumored to be "cursed" and would kill its driver eventually. After full restoration, Akio goes out to Tokyo's expressway that runs along the perimeter of Tokyo bay, known to the locals as "Wangan". He meets many people through interaction with his car, and theirs. One of them was Tatsuya Shima who drives a black Porsche turbo nick named the "Black Bird". His girlfriend happens to be the sister of the original owner of the "Devil's Z". The movie revolves primarily around these three individuals with supporting casts that makes up Akio's high school life, and the people who works on his Z. Click [CC] for English Subs.

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Mike Hammer - Heart Breaker Wangan Midnight The Movie
Mike Hammer - Heart Breaker Wangan Midnight The Movie.


Mike Hammer - Heart Breaker (Wangan Midnight: The Movie) Music Video
This is a music video to Mike Hammer's Heart Breaker of 1992 featured in the 2009 Live Action Movie smash hit and my favourite Japanese racing movie ever!

Voice Of S30Z Wangan Midnight OST
IF YOU WANT THE SONG right click the link and put save as