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Wangan Midnight - (First Battle) Devil Z vs. Blackbird
The first race between Akio Asakura (Devil Z) and Tatsuya Shima (Blackbird). Watched it just the other day and I totally loved this movie, it has to be one of my top favorites. Also if you haven't seen Initial D I highly recommend that too.

Devil Z Vs Blackbird First Fight ( Midnight Wangan The Movie )
To find Midnight Wangan Products please visit here. -43-9-18-2.html or Midnight Wangan The Movie is copyright of Kodansha Comics. Tatsuya Shima is surgeon doctor by day, a racer by night. He is known as "Blackbird" Wangan Emperor. Riding on his Porsche 911, He seeks to know about the rumour of Ressurection of the long time rival car "Devil Z". Asakura Akio is a live-alone student who found Old Datsun Fairlady Z 280Z S30. The car has a lots of accident. It has pass the feeling to the driver like it is running with it own thought. The clashing battle between these two cars and two drivers is about to begin.

Wangan Midnight ACT. 23 Battle
Evo V vs S30Z vs 911T By Wolborg

Wangan Midnight Maximumtune5 Promotional Movie 01
Wangan Midnight Maximumtune5 Image movie